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doodleblue Mobile Apps Team –Creating Solutions for Life

Updated on February 26, 2013

Mobile Technology Solutions

Using mobile phones is a child’s play in today’s era. Our sense of hearing plays a phenomenal role in communication. Emotions are the best way how we get to express our feelings. Expression of emotions through gestures is all the more emphatic. Millions of applications are developed to give better solutions in real life. doodleblue is keen and enthusiastic about giving the best digital solutions through smart phone applications.

Technology has always redefined ‘impossibilities’ to ‘successful possibilities’. doodleblue blends the complexities of technology with the smooth touch of creative elements to deliver much beyond our customer’s expectations. Human thoughts and emotions play a pivotal role in designing user-friendly and solution oriented applications. The doodleblue team has a sharp eye for details whenever our client places their requirement.

We believe that market survey among the target audience is mandatory before kick-starting with any app designing assignment. It works incredibly well because our client gets a wider perspective of their product and even more ideas than earlier discussed. doodleblue has a strong technology savvy core team with mobile application designing experts and coders.

doodleblue believes in delivering the best service. Unlike website designing, when it comes to creating miniature apps with a lot less room to explain to users how to use the app, the challenge is bigger. App designing have some predefined templates within which the creative and technology team has to evolve ideas. Concept, design, content and most important usability is what should hover in the mind. Everything is so interconnected that even an extra alphabet can disrupt the entire design flow. This is challenging and at times fun when the team has a brain-storming session with the doodleblue creative team to get the right, short and perfectly placed word.

Wow! is a word too small when you see the young and talented people working with a cool and focused mindset. ‘Thinking of You’ App, ‘AskPundit Chat’ App and ‘AngerJournal’ App are just a beginning to create a big buzz in the digital apps world. Mobile applications designing is a platform for the entire doodleblue team to show expertise, share knowledge, generate user-friendly ideas and create super-cool apps for everyday use. That’s how the doodleblue technology meets the jet speed of the mobile world

Thinking of You! Mobile App


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