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Drawing Books For Kids

Updated on April 4, 2013

Teaching Kids To Draw

Teaching a child to draw has never been easier with these Drawing Books For Kids materials. Interact with your child in an all new way with these affordable Drawing Books For Kids. With a little direction from an adult a child can learn a lot about drawing and improve their skills greatly without even stepping into an art class. Drawing Books For Kids are a great present for the aspiring artist.

As someone who learned to draw by similar how to draw books I understand what books work well and what books will end up being trashed. Learn to draw books can be a great way for a kid to start learning the basics of drawing but with so many choices it is hard to know which one.

The best books that help kids learn to draw will be interactive and keep the child interested. Put a few pieces of paper in the book and put where your child knows where it is, and you will see that they will be drawn too it.

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How To Choose a Kids Learn To Draw Book

  1. Choose a drawing book that has a theme that would be of interest to your child.

    If your child loves a special character or a theme they will be more excited that they can draw it. For example a child that loves cars will be more likely to improve drawing skills drawing cars.

  2. Look at the reading level of the book.

    Some drawing books will go into great detail, while others will be more picture based.

  3. Choose appropriate difficulty level.

    Sometimes a drawing book can look really really cool to a child. But after looking further into it the steps can be difficulty for someone that is just a beginner. Start easy then excel but starting with harder books usually just sets one up for failure.

  4. Look at the book itself. Avoid very small books for small hands and very big heavy books as well.

Best Selling Drawing Books For Kids - Drawing Books For Kids

This is a low cost learn to draw book that a child as young as four can learn to draw with. It is a fund book that has simple drawing to help a beginner on the way to learning.

How to Draw (Dover How to Draw)
How to Draw (Dover How to Draw)

Beginners can learn the basics of sketching by combining circles, ovals, rectangles, crescents, and other shapes to produce remarkable likenesses of a number of subjects. Simple, step-by-step diagrams — plus blank practice pages — make it easy for youngsters and would-be artists of all ages to draw fruit, fish, kittens, and other subjects. 30 projects.


Best Drawing Book For Kids That Already Love To Draw

Drawing techniques very in age and skill level. Book shows simple techniques and a more advanced technique for the same object.

Ed Emberley's Big Purple Drawing Book (Ed Emberley's Big Series)
Ed Emberley's Big Purple Drawing Book (Ed Emberley's Big Series)

This how to draw book shows a variety of animals, people, insects, and more, and everything is PURPLE!


Best Selling Kids Drawing Books For Beginners

When looking for a drawing book that can be started with the smallest of drawing ability it is important to look for the teaching of simple lines and uncomplicated drawing designs.

Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Animals
Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Animals

A collection of how to drawing using simple lines to make fun animal characters of lions, frogs, mice, birds, dragons, and more

Cars & Trucks: Step-by-step instructions for 28 different vehicles (Learn to Draw)
Cars & Trucks: Step-by-step instructions for 28 different vehicles (Learn to Draw)

With a varied selection of things to learn to dray boys that talk about growing up to be paramedics, doctors, cops and firefighters may love this book. Directions are simple and can mostly be followed by photo.

How to Draw Pets (Draw Draw Kids Series Book 2)
How to Draw Pets (Draw Draw Kids Series Book 2)

Not the typical make a drawing of your dog book. I believe this would be a great pick for someone that prefers to draw in cartoon style.

Best of Nickelodeon: Learn to draw all your favorite Nickelodeon characters, step by step (Nick How To Draw)
Best of Nickelodeon: Learn to draw all your favorite Nickelodeon characters, step by step (Nick How To Draw)

While some of the drawing are a bit advanced most can be done with just following the instructions.


Best Sketching Books for Kids

Sketching is not just a skill that kids have or not. It takes practice, practice that can be guided with workbooks.

When looking for the best book to learn to sketch it is best to already have at least the basic drawing techniques down. Start with the type of drawing you mostly want to do. It is best to get one type down before starting another. Fore example if you want to draw people start with a book about scotching people and get that down before trying to starting sketching landscapes.

Best Learn To Draw Animals For Kids

How to Draw 101 Animals
How to Draw 101 Animals

This is a simple learn to draw books with fun colors and bright colors. Child will learn best if able to read at least at first second grade level. Children younger may still be able to learn from the book but may need extra help reading directions.


Best Rated Kids Learn To Draw People Book for Beginners

How to Draw People (Dover How to Draw)
How to Draw People (Dover How to Draw)

Fun book for the beginning cartoonist. Learn basic techniques without getting overwhelmed with details.


How to Draw Fast Cars Book For Kids

How to Draw Fast Cars, Monster Trucks, & Fighter Jets
How to Draw Fast Cars, Monster Trucks, & Fighter Jets

Love the colors in this book, in order to enjoy the book by them self a child will need to be a confident to semi confident reader.


Kids Superhero Drawing Books - Learn To Draw Superheros

One of the most asked about drawing books is for superheros such as spider-man, batman and superman. While most of the books are a bit beyond basic, if a child with basic reading skills had drive to learn to draw their favorite superhero they could learn a lot from these selections.

Best Kids Learn To Draw Cartoons

Sitting in front of the TV watching cartoons and drawing them was an old tradition at my grandmas house. Some cartoons are a bit easier then others, these books are a good selection to choose from when learning basic to a little beyond basic cartoon drawing.

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    • Close2Art LM profile image

      Close2Art LM 6 years ago

      my kids love to draw thanks for the info!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I like the Ed Emberley's Big Purple Drawing Book. Will buy one for my kid. Liked.