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How to mount and flap your drawing

Updated on June 22, 2012


Mounting and flapping your work will give you a solid surface to work on and protect your art work. Because working in colored pencil often requires me to assert considerable pressure on my paper, mounting my work surface to a sturdy board prevents the paper from tearing. When you spend untold hours working on a piece the last thing you want is something to ruin your drawing. While flapping your work might not save you from every known disaster, it saved me from some near catastrophes.

You will need:

Drawing paper

Crescent or Illustration Board

Newsprint or Rag Paper

Exacto Blade



Right Angle

Painter’s Tape

Spray Adhesive

Be sure to wash your hands before handling your paper. Prepare your paper and board by cutting it to the desired size. I use inexpensive crescent board because I’m looking for the sturdiness of the board not its finish.

Protect your spray area. I use newsprint or rag paper. Take spray adhesive and coat the board. Gently place your pastel/drawing paper on top of the board. There is a small window of opportunity to move the paper around. It takes practice and a light touch.

Once your paper is in place, smooth it down with your hand.

Take a fresh piece of newsprint and lay your board face down on the paper. Mark the sides and bottom with a pencil.

Mark the top allowing for an extension of about 2”. I just lay my ruler down like so.

Take a right angle. Lay the triangle on the edge of the board and mark the newsprint. Repeat on the other side. Cut along the lines you have drawn. Your paper will look like this.

Place the board with the drawing paper toward the newsprint. Take the 2” tab at the top and fold in over.

Secure the tab to the back of the board with painter’s tape. You can use masking tape but, I prefer painter’s tape because it can be removed without tearing.

I like to clean up the tape edges by using my triangle and Exacto blade and pulling way the torn edges.

Take a 1” piece of tape and use it to keep the flap close.


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