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Drawings by Denise

Updated on September 13, 2014

Fine Detailed Western Art

A young girl named Denise spent much of her childhood sketching animals, entertaining her cousins with her clown reproductions and using Charles Shultz's characters to decorate bookmarks and coloring books.

Today, a few decades later, she's finally releasing her talent to the world. Her adult drawings are now primarily pencil sketches and pastel drawings, and rather than reproducing someone else's art, she creates original works of the things she loves the most. Her love of all things equestrian is the second thing in her life that remains since her childhood, and her fine detailed drawings reflect that passion.

Take a moment to look at the drawings we'll put on this page, and then visit a couple of the other pages that feature and sell her personal creations. You may be amazed at the detail you see below, but we'll bet you end up sharing it with someone you know who loves animals and family. Plus, visit her website to see how you can get a custom drawing from your photo!

Love You Grandpa
Love You Grandpa

Love You Grandpa

Featuring her father and her neice

This may be my favorite of all of Denise's art. The primary character in this portrait is my uncle, Denise's father, and he was indeed a character! He loved to laugh and play, he loved his family and he loved Jesus Christ. Those of us who knew Uncle Harry will tell you this pencil sketch makes you feel as though he's back here with us. Denise has captured his smile exactly as we remember, and the detail in his eyes allows you to see the beauty that lived in his heart. A gift for her mother, this sketch has brought more tears of love to the eyes of my family than any other!

Lazy Loper
Lazy Loper
Pine View Logo
Pine View Logo

Lazy Loper

Congress and World Champion Stallion

Lazy Loper is owned by Pine View Farm in Northern Ohio. Denise showed her own pleasure horse out of Pine View until the mare was forced in retirement and broodmare status. Lazy Loper is Denise's most sought after piece right now. This famous show horse is sire to more than 21 Champions as well as Denise's mare's own baby.

Denise's Latest Additions

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Girls and Horses

This pencil drawing is called "First Kiss." She has another called "First Love" that features this same wee one cuddling the horse! This particular series is available on a mug as well as in a print.

A Message for Denise - Here's where you can leave her a note

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