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Duck Tape Colors

Updated on March 14, 2015

How To Use Duck Tape Colours For Home Crafts

There are so many things that you can make and use with Duck Tape Colors and Duck Tape Patterns. However, you will need to be creative enough to produce something that will be pretty cool. Different color duck tape crafts are more popular with children and it is one of the best ways to keep them indoors and occupied when its cold or wet out. Duck tape allows kids to make something that they can be proud off and the best thing is that it doesn't leave any scrubbing glue, glitter or paints on the tables and leave a lot of mess in fact there is no mess at all just a few bits of end tape cuts from the things they have made to tidy up.

The part about all the unusual Duck Tape Colors for home crafts is that they are inexpensive and you can get your kids to make items that they can give out to their family members as well as friends.

What is duck tape great for?

There are so many items that you can get your kids to make with the duck tape. The duck tape provides some of the best iPhone cases, pencil cases collage or school folders, girls purse or bags, cards, photo frames, Christmas or any other occasion wrapping needs. You no longer have to worry about buying wraps, So there is so much that can be done using your color duct tape all you need to do is use your imagination

Other than making home crafts, The duck tape is perfect for repairing the kid's toys. They are just as strong as any other substance you might use and ensures that the toy looks as good as new and you will properly even be able to get the same colors as there is so many duct tape colors these days.

One of the most common ideal crafts you can make with the duck tape is a wallet, Like I said before there will be very little mess involved and you are guaranteed to get a terrific and useful wallet for many different things. Unlike some other crafts that folks make, You can actually use the wallet. You can get your kids to make the wallet with very little guidance considering there is very little expense that is involved and the more they do it the more ideas they will get to make things and a lot of fun too.

There are also quite a number of different designs of wallets that you can make and you can let your kids be creative in decorating them.

Most of the crafts that are made by kids are beautiful to look at but they have no practical use but with the wallet it is actually one of the few items that you can use.

Or the items that are made you can always hang them on the refrigerator, a drawer or up in their room. If your kids have an art or playing room then this will be the best place to hang and display their work.

The wallet can be personalized for your liking with the different colors or patterns with all the tapes which are available. The best thing about using a well constructed tape is the fact that you can easily wash it without it getting damaged. The constructed tape is actually water resistant that also why its cool to use with phone cases and school folders.

Even for small children who don't have enough attention span top complete a craft they can still enjoy decorating with the duck tape colors and duck tape patterns. The duck tape can be cut into letters, various shapes or even numbers. Whatever method or craft you decide to make with your kids, you are guaranteed to have lots of fun when doing it.

It is also advisable that you let the child decides what they are going to make as it helps them to be creative. However, you can give them a hand when they seem stuck. Or even show them how to make some birthday cards with color duct tape and cardboard the options and ideas is endless.

Happy crafting

Duck Tape Colors - Here Is Just Some Of The Fantastic Duck Tape Colors Available

Duct tape comes in all Lengths, shapes, Patterns, Strengths and Colors. So there is a large selection to pick from for your crafting ideas

Duck Brand Candy Dot Printed Duct Tape, 10 yards Length x 1-7/8" Width
Duck Brand Candy Dot Printed Duct Tape, 10 yards Length x 1-7/8" Width

This is fantastic for making a nice girly bag or purse


Crafing With Duck Tape Colors - Hints And Tips Books & Tutorials

Let the your kids learn all about new project they could do from start to finish, They will have a lot of fun learning from new ideas from books. Then sooner or latter they will come up with there own unique ideas or even give the bedroom furniture a new cool look using some duck take with patterns or just with the color duck tapes. There is just so much crafting that can be done using duck tape colors just let them use there imagination after getting hints and tips from book.

Happy Crafting

Patterned Duct Tape and Prints
Patterned Duct Tape and Prints

Patterned Duct Tape

Such a Variety Of Choice of Patterned Duct Tape

This patterned duct tape is one the best craft ideas ever, You can put it around just about anything to make it look so much cooler with all the different patterns there is now a days.

Just think about it it could be used for old food jars and cans to make useful for storage and it can be used for covering the kids bedroom furniture like stripy floor sections if it's a wooden floor or table and chairs

So What Else Can Duck Tape Patterns Be Used For


Photo Frames

Mirror Frames

Chest Of Drawer Sections, Or just the Handles

Plant Pots

Revamp Old Furniture

Iron Boards and Tables

Dinner Table Mats

That's just some ideas, But if you want to get really creative you could make flowers, bags, There is just so much that can done with color or patterned duck tape.

There is some fantastic patterns and prints of Duck Tape like the following

Purple Poka Dot

That is just to give tou some ideas as there is so many to choose from depending what you want to use it for, Some of my daughters other favorites are


Flowers Duck Duct


Pink Argyle Duck Duct Tape

Spotted Leopard

So as you can see there is so many ideas and patterns of duck tape all you need now is to use your imagination or ask the kids to come up with some ideas for there play rooms or bedrooms and im sure all the family will have fun

Such a Variety Of Choice of Patterned Duct Tape

Duck Tape Tutorials - Some Great Duck Tape Ideas

Rainbow Duct Tape Flower-Tutorial

How to Make a Girly Handbag Or Purse With Duct Tape

iPhone Case And Purses Done By Young Girls

Duct Tape Pencil Case

Duct Tape Bow tie

Duct Tape Women's Wallet

Do you make things with duck tape or are you thinking of giving it a go ?

Your favorite duct tape

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