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Dustin Wissmiller

Updated on March 6, 2013


In the decade that I've known Dustin Wissmiller I've known him to wear many hats. Producer. Writer. Director. Photographer. Comedian. Artist. Craps player.

In my quest to write about people and events I find it very appropriate to start off with Dustin Wissmiller because we've written many things together and he's inspired me to do stand-up comedy, write screenplays, write novels and pursue projects. He let me kill him twice in student films (one via bomb, one gunshot to the chest) and he played a skewed version of myself in a just-for-fun student project I wrote.

It's his project that partly inspires this one.



Dustin Wissmiller is originally from the suburbs of Chicago, a 50,000 person village called Downers Grove, and started his college career at Columbia College - Chicago before transferring to Columbia College - Hollywood in 2001. Always a fan of the sitcom growing up enjoying the tales of a Boston bar called Cheers or a Korean War M*A*S*H* unit he always had a sitcom spec script on hand and jumped on the idea of giving out tickets to such sitcoms as Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond at the Universal Studios theme park. From there he advanced out of the theme park and into the Universal Studios offices as a coordinator.

Comedy was a big part of Dustin's life. When he found an ad for a comedian looking for a Writer's Assistant he answered and soon found himself working with Pauly Shore at the Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard. About his experinece, Dustin says "For over two years I worked side by side with Pauly, writing stand up, developing tv shows and films; sometimes done so from the confines of Pauly's home high atop the Hollywood Hills, but mostly, from the dark corridors and offices that are tucked away in the world famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip." He even joined Pauly on a three-week national comedy tour. Calling me from the road he told me "We have to do this." So, we did. We wrote stand up routines and worked to see what material worked and what wasn't.

He's a music enthusiast who listens to the Beatles and decided to learn the first chords of the Rolling Stone's Paint it Black on his guitar instead of following the instructions when he was first learning guitar.



The Manera with the Camera

He then went on to tackle photography with a vengeance. From models to actors, he shot anyone he could and any place that inspired him. He's shot photos for bands and then saw his photography displayed during their concerts. Dustin's pictures have appeared in Variety, concert halls throughout the southwest, casino venues and local newspapers and magazines.

One of his more ambitious projects to date is Vision 365 . His goal was to take at least one photo every single day and post it online at . Since January 1, 2011, he hasn't missed a single day.

He now has an envious position at Warner Bros. Studio in the Photo Department.



To me, Dustin is the guy that I hung out with one night and we decided to drive to Las Vegas on a whim. I taught him how to play craps at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Vegas and he's the guy I ate $5 Little Caesar pizzas and drank alcohol with while watching episodes of Family Guy. We made short films starring Alf, the alien but with an alcoholic, whoring, insulting twist. He created a rough version of the cover of my first novel "The Ten-Day Forecast" and designed the cover of the e-book version of that novel.

From Black & White photos to pictures bursting with colors, from the paintings hanging in his office that he painted, to the never-ending ambition to continue writing and pursuing his dreams however they continue to evolve, Dustin Wissmiller is an artist and a comic.

Just as he strives to shoot a picture every day, I strive to write every day, even if it's not on here. So, this first one is on Dustin Wissmiller. We share the same mentality in that a day without being creative is not a day either of us wish to live.


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Here's a few ways to keep in touch and to check out Dustin Wissmiller's photography.

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