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Earth Day Clip Art

Updated on April 12, 2017
Lee Hansen profile image

Lee is an artist and gardener who draws inspiration for her coloring page art and original craft designs from nature and pop culture.

Earth Day Clip Art, Recycling Graphics

Every day is Earth Day, but we celebrate it in April each year. Finding free Earth Day clip art and ecology images or green living graphics can be frustrating. Well, take heart because I've done plenty of online research to find good green living graphics for my own Earth Day graphic design projects and I'm sharing my sources of free earth day clip art in this lens.

In this Earth Day clip art lens you'll discover classic Earth Day graphic symbols for recycling, ecology, anti-littering and conservation clip art along with Earth Day photographs, nature pictures and images from Earth Day celebrations past. There's also a good collection of planet Earth clip art and separate sections that focus on key natural resources: weather graphics including clean air clip art; rain forest, mountain and woodlands images; oceans, lakes and rivers; and fields and farms clip art.

Earth Day clip art in this lens offers you many different types of green lifestyle graphics, photos, clip art borders and line drawings that relate to Earth Day, recycling, renewable resources and green living.

Intro image of Earth Heart based on a public domain illustration by gargargarrick at

Planet Earth, Viewed From Space

Big blue marble, planet earth photo restored by eraphernalia_vintage,
Big blue marble, planet earth photo restored by eraphernalia_vintage,

Planet Earth Video - Love Your Mother Earth

Earth Day Clip Art - Public Domain Images - Free Earth Day Images for Commercial or Personal Use

Four hands on Earth image from
Four hands on Earth image from

Based on public domain image: Four Hands On Planet by Fran Hogan at

Planet Earth: The Complete Series [HD DVD]
Planet Earth: The Complete Series [HD DVD]

Stunning acclaimed documentary that's been described as "...greatest nature/wildlife series ever produced" and recommended by many for the quality of the images and HD DVD itself. The story of life on Earth cost more than $20M to produce over the course of 5 years.


Copyright Information - Earth Day Clip Art and Graphics

Any Image on This Page Is Available for Commercial Use

COPYRIGHT INFO All credited photos and graphics displayed in this article are available as Earth Day clip art for commercial or personal use according to terms of service at their respective download links.

Some of the graphics are my own images, some are public domain and some are available under Creative Commons licenses. Please check terms of service for any Earth Day graphic you wish to use. Enjoy!

Image Credits are included with each graphic or listed at the end of the lens.

Earth Month - Protect Our Natural Resources

Earth Month Poster, US Army Corps of Engineers
Earth Month Poster, US Army Corps of Engineers

Public Domain Earth Month poster art: US Army Corp of Engineers

Treat the Earth Well

It was not given to you

by your parents.

It was loaned to you

by your children.

- Kenyan proverb -

Print Your Own Recycle Tips Poster - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Free Printable Poster (PDF)

Recycling Poster
Recycling Poster

Recycle poster with tips for how to recycle stuff from your home, classroom, office or business. I designed this printable recycling poster about 10 years ago for my web site. It's a free printable ... enjoy and share.

Click here to open a new page with a full size printable Recycle Poster.

Free Recycle Clip Art - Recycle Symbols, Graphics, Messages, Banners

Free clip art with recycling logos, recycle symbols, recycle word art or recycling messages.

Earth Day Poster

Earth Day tree
Earth Day tree

Photo credit: spacedust_design,

CC BY-ND 2.0 license

Water Resources Clip Art - Ocean, Lake, River Water Clip Art

A few of the Earth Day images in this list are actually printable PDF files. If you have a graphics editor you can use PDF files as clip art by converting them to JPG or GIF files.

Earth Day: An Alphabet Book
Earth Day: An Alphabet Book

From start to finish, A to Z, a beautiful look at the diversity of our planet and all its wonders. Organized alphabetically and filled with gorgeously simple paintings to captivate and educate children while delighting parents, librarians and teachers just as much as a youngster.


Protect Wildlife - Woodland Deer Photo

Deer photo, earth day, by zepfanman on
Deer photo, earth day, by zepfanman on

Huggable Earth Ball - Hugg a Planet Earth

Teach even the youngest child about the planet Earth with this soft squeezable accurate model globe of planet Earth.

Thanks for visiting my green graphics Earth Day Clip Art page. Earth day clip art is a lesser topic for digital graphics, but when you need a good Earth Day clip art it's good to have a handy reference. So, here you go - benefit from my online research to find great Earth Day clip art and photographs with Earth Day themes of green living, recycling, renewable energy, ecology and conservation.

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