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Easter Knitting Projects

Updated on April 7, 2014

Put Some Spring in Your Step!

With spring in the air, it's nice to know that Easter is just around the corner. Just because the weather is breaking, don't put your needles away! There are lots of fun and easy knitting projects for spring and Easter. Many of the projects use just basic knitting skills and require only a small amount of yarn. I hope you like this collection of knitting projects for spring. Use them to decorate the Easter dinner table, in an easter basket, or as a gift.

These cozy bunny slippers are perfect for wearing on Easter Morning and all spring long!

Shown left: Tiny Owl Knits Hopsalot Bunny Slippers Knitting Pattern

Chirp! - This chick is just hatched!

Chicken Hatched From Egg Knitting Pattern
Chicken Hatched From Egg Knitting Pattern

Nothing says spring like newborn chicks. Knit this adorable chick just hatching from an egg.

Pattern is available here: Chick Hatching from Egg Knitting Pattern

Easter Bunnies - Dressed in their Easter finest!

Mini Bunny Knitting Pattern
Mini Bunny Knitting Pattern

These mini bunnies are dressed to impress. Knit a sweet bunny complete with a tutu or flower and, of course, a big heart!

Mini Easter Bunnies Knitting Pattern

Dangercrafts Chester the Bashful Bunny Knitting Pattern
Dangercrafts Chester the Bashful Bunny Knitting Pattern

Snuggle Bunny!

Meet Chester

Chester is a bashful bunny, but he'll quickly warm up to you with a few hugs!

Dangercrafts Chester the Bashful Bunny Knitting Pattern

Some Bunny Loves You - Tiny Bunnies give lots of love!

Mochimochiland Tiny Bunnies Free Knitting Pattern
Mochimochiland Tiny Bunnies Free Knitting Pattern

This free knitting pattern shows you how to knit lots and lots of tiny bunnies!

Mochimochiland Tiny Bunnies Free Knitting Pattern

Easter Chick Knitting Kit
Easter Chick Knitting Kit

This Chick Lays Chocolate Eggs!

Fun knitting project

Sweet treat! Not only is this a great beginner project, but it also makes a perfect table decoration. Kit includes pattern and yarn, you'll supply the needles and the chocolate egg!

Knit Your Own Easter Chick Kit

Blue Sky Alpacas Hop Bunny Knitting Pattern
Blue Sky Alpacas Hop Bunny Knitting Pattern

Hippin' and Hoppin'

Easter's on it's way!

Meet Hop! This adorable long legged bunny comes complete with sweater and carrot!

Hop Bunny Knitting Pattern

Hettie Stuffed Animal Knitting Kit
Hettie Stuffed Animal Knitting Kit

For Spring Chicken

Hettie Chicken!

Knit a soft and cuddly chicken, perfect for spring!

Get the kit here: Knit Whits Hettie Chicken Stuffed Animal/Softie Knitting Kit

Yarn Egg Surprise! - Easy Craft Project

Yarn Egg Surprise
Yarn Egg Surprise

Well this isn't a knitting project, but most knitters have tons of yarn stash - easy craft to do with kids and allow them to have fun with fiber! This tutorial has lots of step by step instructions and is easy to follow.

Yarn Egg Surprise Tutorial

KnitWhits Eggs and Basket Knitting Kit
KnitWhits Eggs and Basket Knitting Kit


Easter Knitting and Felting

I love knitting kits because the take the guesswork selecting the yarn, pattern, etc.. Knit some fun decorative felted Easter Eggs and the basket!

KnitWhits Easter Eggs and Basket Felted Knitting Kit

Choosing the Right Materials

For Your Easter Knitting Project

Yarn Colors

When choosing colors for your Easter knitting projects, use lots of vibrant shades. I like to call them "happy colors." Spring green, bright yellow, orange, red, pink, purple all make ideal colors for your Easter knitting.

Yarn Weights

The pattern will usually specify which weight yarn you should use. Lace and fingering weights are the thinnest yarns - chunky/bulky weight yarns are the thickest. It helps to choose the correct yarn weight and needle size specified in the pattern to insure your project will turn out as expected.

Types of Yarn

There are so many options available to choose. Easter knitting projects may be knitted using cotton, acrylic, wool or wool blend yarns. Most of the Easter projects we mentioned have a great design, so go with a simple/plain yarn to really have your project shine.

Easter Knitting Book - Loaded with lots of fun ideas!

Easter Knits
Easter Knits

Knit eggs, bunnies, chicks and more festive Easter projects!


What is your favorite Easter Knitting Project?

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      @Gayle Dowell: Thanks,

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      Gayle Dowell 3 years ago from Kansas

      What fun knitting projects. I love the bunny slippers!