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Easy Scrapbook Pages In 15 Minutes

Updated on November 16, 2019
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.


Getting Started With Your 15 Minute Scrapbook Page

Scrapbook pages do not have to be a chore. As a matter of fact, they are easier than you think, even if you have never created a page in your life. Within about 15 minutes from the time you select your photos, you can actually have a completed scrapbook page.

I know that we all see those beautiful pages all over the internet and think that we could not possibly ever do that. But many pages that I do, especially masculine pages are not all that fancy.

As a matter of fact, if truth were to be told, I often do pages that are very simple.

In about 30 minutes you can create and have a completed layout which is a side by side two pages of like minded scrapbook pages.

There are a few things that you can do ahead of time and a few tricks that you can use.

  1. Here are a few ideas to get the process going: I like to create a book of scrapbook sketches that I really like. You can purchase all kinds of books to do this, but hey, they are also free on the internet.Just go to your browser, type in scrapbook sketches and then click images. You can print them out in different categories as I have. Or you can just chose the one you like and print it out. You can use any of these as long as you are using them for your personal use. Saves tons of time.
  2. Use a scrapbook kit. These kits have scrapbook pages selected and drawn up for you. All you have to do is select the photos and paste them down.
  3. Use a scrapbook page on your electronic cutting machine program. I have Cricut machines. When I go into the Dream Space Program attached to my machine, I can find scrapbook pages to select from. Once I select the page, the machine prints up the elements of the page for me.
  4. Do up your own scrapbook kits. Most of the pictures we use are 4" by 7" . So I make up extra mats, match them to paper that I have in my stash, and keep them handy in page protectors.

The Scrapbook Album

If you have purchased a scrapbook kit, ,more often than not, it came with an album and at least 10 page protectors.

If not, before you get started, you will need to purchase a scrapbook album.

Decide first the size of the album that you would like to have. Then decide the material that you would like it to be made of. Finally, decide the type of album that you would like. All of these factors will decide the cost of the album that you purchase.

Your album should come with some page protectors, However, it is wise to note the kind of page protectors it uses. It is usually stated on the album wrapper or on the inside of the album. It is always wise to get an extra set of the correct page protectors when you buy the album. You will want to note or keep information on the page protector somewhere inside the album for future reference.

Using A Scrapbook Page Sketch-A Real Timesaver

A scrapbook sketch is a quick way to create a page or a layout in the least amount of time Just go to your browser, type in scrapbook sketches and chose images. You will find sketches for just about any theme.
A scrapbook sketch is a quick way to create a page or a layout in the least amount of time Just go to your browser, type in scrapbook sketches and chose images. You will find sketches for just about any theme.

Choosing The Colors For Your Scrapbook Page

Look at your pictures. Select one or two of the prominent colors from the pictures you have selected for your page focus

The Elements OF A Scrapbook Page

To make simple scrapbook page, you need to know the basic elements to get started and create pages with little effort.

  • Base Page- this is a piece of card stock the size of your scrapbook. album. The most popular size is 12 inch by 12 inch. But the album can be any size that you want. This page should be a heavier weight paper, no less than 95 lb card stock. That is because it will hold all the other elements of your page.
  • Pictures- you can select any amount of pictures from one to about 5. It is up to you. The pictures should have the same subject matter. They should be clear. You select the colors for your scrapbook page, based on the colors of your photograph.
  • Picture Mats- Mats are the layer under your pictures. The bring focus to your pictures and raise them above the level of the base. They are cut just a little more than the size of the picture. They can be cut with a paper trimmer, scissors or decorative scissors. If you want to use printed paper, make sure to include a solid color paper between the picture and the printed paper. You can layer mats several times. You can also use vellum, glitter paper or card stock to create a custom mat.
  • Title- The title declares to all what your page is about. It can be almost anywhere on the page, but the most popular place to locate it, is at the top of the page.
  • Journaling- This is the area where you tell the story about your page. It can be as creative as you wish. You can use your own handwriting, type the story and print it on your computer, use pre-printed letters or words
  • Embellishments- There are unlimited amount of embellishments that you can use to add style to your page. You can purchase things like stickers, cut pieces from .dies, cut materials from your electronic or manual cutting machines. You can use buttons, bows and more.

Before Getting Started

Chose a sketch from your browser and cut the elements that the sketch directs with your trimmer. If you are using an electronic cutting machine scrapbook page, cut all the elements as shown. Using these two options, saves a huge amount of time!

Altering Your Base Page

Hopefully, you have selected a heavy weight base page on which to place your layout. If you have selected a printed page as your base page, make sure that it is strong enough to hold the other elements that will go on it.

A time saver that will help you create a fast and lovely set of scrapbook pages is to buy a themed paper pad of paper. These are designed papers that go together in a theme. Most often you will get two pages of each kind of paper. Some papers are double sided designs that go together. These pad papers are a heavier card stock with designs that will make your scrapbook pages go faster. With these pages, you can add your picture mounted mats, a title and a little journaling if you like. They are often so well designed, they can actually take the place of using a sketch.

Another idea for your base page is to give it a little more design by altering the page. It just takes a little bit of time to take a solid color base page to another level with a few techniques. Altering the base page adds a touch of personality to your scrapbook pages.

Make Quick Picture Corners

Add some color to your pictures by adding quick picture corners. Just cut equal triangles from any solid color paper. Adhere them to the corners of the picture. Only takes minutes.

Step One -Gather Your Supplies

There are certain supplies that are standard for most scrapbook pages. If your craft area is organized, this process should only take minutes.

Here are a few items common to most scrapbook pages:

  1. Base Paper-Heavy card stock to anchor all of your elements
  2. Card stock-coordinating colors of card stock, vellum, glitter paper for mats, titles, and other embellishments.
  3. Double Sided Tape- Used to adhere your pictures, mats and other elements
  4. Double sided Glue Dots- Used to raise some elements to create dimension.
  5. Straight Edge And Decorative Scissors- Needed to cut elements and trim photos
  6. Ruler-Helps to measure mats, line up letters and journaling pieces.
  7. Paper Trimmer- An alternative to scissors to cut pictures, mats and other elements.
  8. Embellishments-Buttons, bows, stickers, cut embellishments and die cuts

Make sure that all glues, glue dots and double sided tapes are lignin and acid free. Otherwise your photos may get spoiled down the road.

Using A Scrapbook Kit

As we have said, a scrapbook kit is one of the fastest ways to create a scrapbook page. It shows you how to create the page and gives you all the elements for that page. These kits can be bought as a page kit or a whole scrapbook kit. The scrapbook kit contains an album as well as the elements for several pages. It also includes the page protectors as well. They often come in several of the popular sizes.


Step Two- Gather Your Pictures And Mat them

Decide the pictures that you want to use on your page. If you are doing a layout ( two similar pages facing each other) decide which pictures go on the left side page as well as the right.

Decide how you want them to lay on the pages. Select a scrapbook sketch to use. You can type in scrapbook page on your browser and select a sketch for your pictures.

The sketch will tell you how to lay your pictures out, the size of the mats, where the title goes, if there is one. It will also show you ideas for embellishments. This is a huge time saver. If you need to, print the picture of the template so you have it handy.

If you are using a scrap page from your electronic cutting machine, cut the elements for your scrapbook page.

Trim any clutter from your picture that takes away from the theme with a pair of scissors or a trimmer. This is called cropping your photo

Create the mat or mats for your photos. Or use the ones that you have cut from your electronic cutting machine. This should take only a few minutes.

Using double sided tape, mount the photos on the mat or mats that you have selected.

Remember, always place a solid color mat under your photo before using any printed paper as a mat.

Adhere the pictures to your base page as directed from the sketch or cutting machine layout tat you nave cut.

Another trick to getting quick mats made is to use a die. I have several nested dies that I will often use to create a mat. They can be run through a manual or electronic die cutting machine in minutes. Nested die cuts are the same shape in different sizes. They are a good investment, because you can use them in other paper crafts as well.

You do not have to mat every photo ! You can simply mat your focus picture. The focus picture is the one photo that tells the story of your page.

Save time by matting a few photos on the same piece of cardstock to create a “filmstrip” effect. Just place and space the photos evenly and cut. A time-saving technique I enjoy using.

Don't Limit Yourself To Just Square Shapes For Mats

A photo mat does not have to be just a square shape. It can be any shape you have a die for. I like to use tag shapes, rounds, ovals and banner shapes as mats too !


Step Three -Add Your Title Or Not

Your title can be placed anywhere on the scrapbook page. It does not have to be right at the top. Be creative with your title. Work it into the overall layout.

If you want to save time making titles, you can virtually buy a title sticker that fits into the theme of your page.

Use your computer to save time too. Print a quote of a title on card stock for a quick title.

Use chipboard letters for an outstanding page title. Do mix both letters and matrix-portions for an enhanced look.

Be bold with your fonts. Mix fonts in your page title to create a dynamic, fun and random look to your layout!

You do not always need a title. If your journal, let that be your story, Save time by omitting the title all together.

Step Four-Adding Journaling

If you are adding journaling this is the time to decide where on your page it will go. If you have selected a scrapbook sketch for your page, it will tell you where to place it.

It can be your own handwriting or something you typed and printed from your computer.

  • Hand write your journaling on card stock. Cut it into strips and adhere them to your layout with glue or staple them in order. Give your page a random, fun look.
  • Using journaling strips on your page? Ink around the edges of the journaling strips for emphasis.

Step Five Adding The Other Elements

Once you have matted and adhered your photos to the mat, it is time to place the other elements on your scrapbook page. This is the fun part of designing a scrapbook page.

If you have cut out parts from an electronic cutting program, placing the elements becomes easy. They are already for you to add from the cut elements.

If you have used a sketch, the sketch design will direct you where to place the elements. Of course, you have the option of placing them wherever you like.

If you are using a kit, lots of elements are there for you to chose from.

Before adhering any elements with double sided tape of glue, lay them put on your page. This will save you both time and mistakes.

Keep Like Color Elements Together

I keep the majority of my elements in a scrap rack which is a specialized storage system where you can find everything you need by color or theme. But you can create shoe boxes or notebooks that hold elements by color in envelopes. Another way to store by color is in zip lock bags. That way if you are looking for say pink, all of the pink elements are in one place. Huge time saver !

How To Use Scraps Of Paper

There are many ways to use pieces of scrap paper for your scrapbook pages. Here are a few quick suggestions to help you get easily creative:

  • Use them to mat pictures. Good size pieces of paper can be used to mat behind your pictures
  • Create Titles with your scraps
  • Die cut shapes and images
  • Use scraps to add color and design to your base page
  • Make envelopes to hold your journaling

Making Your Own Elements For Your Scrapbook Pages

Beyond the things like, buttons, ribbons, stickers and other things that you can purchase, you can also create elements fir your scrapbook page in advance or as you need them.

  • Stamped Images- Think about the stamps that you own and how you could use them on your scrapbook pages. If you are making a themed page for a holiday like Christmas, think about the stamps that you own. You could stamp images, color them and use them on your scrapbook pages. You could use a sentiment as a page title or as part of the journal part of your page.
  • Die Cuts- Consider using die cuts on your scrapbook pages.When I am cutting a die that I know I could use for a scrapbook page, I cut one extra one and set it aside.
  • Electronic Cutting Machines-these are huge sources for images, titles and all sorts of elements.

Getting Pictures From Magnetic Albums

If you have any pictures in those old magnetic albums, please do yourself a favor and take some time to remove them. In the long run, you pictures will not last even one generation. They will yellow and get bad, so please find another way to store them !

© 2019 Linda F Correa

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