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Make Recycled Christmas Cards or Holiday Cards

Updated on September 11, 2016
Hand Made Christmas Card
Hand Made Christmas Card | Source

Easy, Economical and Eco-Friendly Christmas Cards for You to Make

Why not make your own Christmas or Holiday cards this year? It may be easier than you think. This simple design is fast to do, economical on the budget, easy enough for a beginner who has never made a card before, and attractive enough that no one will ever guess it was your first try.

Even if you're an accomplished craft person, you may find some money saving tips here that will help minimize the Holiday spending.

And, if you value eco-friendly projects that help protect our environment, then you will definitely approve of this approach to making your own cards for the winter holidays.

To make this card, all you do is take an existing Christmas card, perhaps one recycled from last year, or perhaps one form the Dollar Store. Cover the front with two strips of patterned paper and add some ribbon and other embellishments to jazz it up. If there is a sentiment on the inside, you can leave it as it is, or better yet, cover it with some cardstock or paper and add your own message.

Oh, and one more thing. I apologize to those visitors who do not celebrate Christmas. I try to use the term "holiday cards", but since the holiday is Christmas for me, I often forget and say that without thinking. Please excuse me and substitute whatever winter holiday you celebrate.

Supplies Needed to make these Easy Holiday Cards

-- these are actually "altered cards" or altered art' --

To make these cards for the winter holiday, I purchased a box of Christmas cards from the Dollar Store and altered them to form my own unique cards. I like this approach to card making because you also get the envelopes to go with them. As any card maker knows, finding suitable envelopes for our creations is always a challenge.

You could also recycle cards that you received in previous years, or you could, if you wish, make the card from scratch. To do the latter, you simply cut card stock to the size you want and fold in half.

To decorate the cards, you will need two kinds of scrapbook paper or patterned card stock in colors that work well together. You could also use recycled gift wrap or any recycled paper that has a pleasing color or design.

To embellish, you may choose from any number of items.

Embellishment Suggestions

ribbon, lace, yarn, fiber or rickrack, either new or recycled

Miscellaneous small decorations of the type used to decorate gifts

Stamped images


Buttons, beads, rhinestones, recycled jewelry

Glitter, glitter glue, 3-D glue

Eyelets or brads

Punched shapes, die cuts, scraps of patterned paper cut or torn into shapes

Hand drawn or hand written images or text

Dry Embossed shapes, images, backgrounds

Amazon Spotlight -- Fiskar's Paper Trimmer

Fiskars scrapbooking paper trimmer with swing-out arm, 12 inches
Fiskars scrapbooking paper trimmer with swing-out arm, 12 inches

I use this tool constantly. It cuts paper beautifully.An arm opens out at the top so you can measure the length and width of the paper you want to cut. You can also purchase a scoring blade that will score paper rather than cut it. This particular version of the Fiskar Paper Trimmer is portable, meaning its small and lightweight. It's perfect for taking to crops or easy to store if you have limited space at home. It's my Number One crafting tool and the one item I would never be without.


Tools for Card Making

There are only two tools that you absolutely must have. There are many optional tools that you might add to your arsenal as you become more enthusiastic about card making and paper crafts.

Tools you must have:

1. cutting tools or scissors

2. adhesives to attach your papers and embellishments

Miscellaneous tools that you might use:

  1. Paper Trimmer
  2. Embossing Gun or Heat Gun
  3. Rubber Stamps and Stamping Ink
  4. Eyelet Setter
  5. Bone Folder
  6. Embossing Tools
  7. Die Cutting Tool

Remember to use your imagination. The more recycled items you use, the more ecologically friendly these hand made cards will be.

Poll: Holiday Cards and You

What's your approach to Holiday Cards?

See results
Christmas Card with Silhouette of Snowman
Christmas Card with Silhouette of Snowman | Source

Cards for a Christmas in July Celebration

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas in July has become a popular theme for get- togethers and parties. In hot weather, it's a nice way to focus on things cool and wintery. How about making these cards as invitations to your Christmas in July parties, or as placements or other small gifts, etc?

Another "cool" idea is to make Christmas in July cards to give to a shut in or someone with ongoing health issues. It's a nice thought.

Video Demonstration | How to Make A Recycled Christmas Card

Photos of Hand Made Christmas Cards

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Snowman on Acetate CardHoliday Tree Made with Iris FoldingDove of Peace on Eggshell MosaicChristmas Message on Eggshell MosaicThree Reindeer Bookmarks for KidsChristmas Card with Heat Embossing made from Brass TemplateDear Santa Define Good TagThree Angels Christmas CardWhite Christmas House and YardSteampunk Christmas Card
Snowman on Acetate Card
Snowman on Acetate Card
Holiday Tree Made with Iris Folding
Holiday Tree Made with Iris Folding
Dove of Peace on Eggshell Mosaic
Dove of Peace on Eggshell Mosaic
Christmas Message on Eggshell Mosaic
Christmas Message on Eggshell Mosaic
Three Reindeer Bookmarks for Kids
Three Reindeer Bookmarks for Kids
Christmas Card with Heat Embossing made from Brass Template
Christmas Card with Heat Embossing made from Brass Template
Dear Santa Define Good Tag
Dear Santa Define Good Tag
Three Angels Christmas Card
Three Angels Christmas Card
White Christmas House and Yard
White Christmas House and Yard
Steampunk Christmas Card
Steampunk Christmas Card | Source

Helpful Crafting Videos - demonstrations of products and techniques

These videos demonstrate techniques and tools that may you may find helpful when making cards for Christmas, holidays or for other occasions.

In Conclusion

You've seen how easy it is to make attractive, eco-friendly and recycled cards for Christmas or the winter holidays -- using old greeting cards or less-than-beautiful cards purchased from places like the Dollar Store. Add some pretty papers, a bit of glitter or other embellishments, a greeting of your own and you're all set.

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      June Campbell 7 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      @anonymous: Thanks. Yes, these are great grandchildren projects. LOL

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      Great ideas to make Christmas cards. This would be fun to do with the grandkids.