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End of the world in 2010 prediction

Updated on March 6, 2012

Prediction of world's end on 2010

I have searched on Internet about End of the world prediction, and I got the amazing result regarding this topic so I have decided to write about this topic.

December 21st 2012,this is coming nearer to nearest and many people are worried about this that what will be happen in future and what will we have to do when this type of natural incindent will starts beginning.

Many of us are saying after watching movie 2010 that according to Mayan Calender there is not any specific date after the December 21st 2012 and this calender is the ancient in the world.It is a little bit perfect according to astrology.There is a fear of disaster and earth-quack after that date and world will start destroying.

The astronomer Philip Plait has stated very clearly that the Mayan calendar does not end in 2012 at all!!!

Well I do not think that the prediction of the end of the world will never became true,because the whole world is the family and we are the member of that family,if any of the member will die due to natural disaster than we will never forgive our self and god!!!

Maya calender


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