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Best Books for Knitting Teachers

Updated on August 19, 2022
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Kimberly is an enthusiastic knitter who also crochets, teaches knitting, sews, does alterations,and designs/tests knit and crochet patterns.

Knitting is Fun!

Lace cowl looks hard, but is easy to knit!
Lace cowl looks hard, but is easy to knit! | Source

Share Your Passion for Knitting: Teach!

I didn't set out to be a knitting teacher. However, if you knit enough (especially in public) someone will ask you to teach them at some point. Don't be afraid to try your hands at teaching. There are some very helpful resources for your reference.

I enjoy sitting with a small group and knitting while waiting for kids after school or waiting for an appointment. There is even an annual Worldwide Knit in Public Day on which people take to the streets with their knitting or crocheting. These public knitting times are even more enjoyable when you know you taught some of the knitters yourself.

I even taught myself to knit left-handed when I had a class of tween girls in which 3 of the 12 students was a lefty. I had to visualize the back of my work and make my hands do what I saw in my mind. It was a great mental exercise!

I recommend these helpful books for anyone who teaches knitting. I have included books for both English and continental (German) knitters so you can teach in your preferred style. I am happy to know both and will teach both ways. Whether you teach one person or a classroom full of people, you give a gift that lasts a lifetime. What a joy to share, knowing that knitting is relaxing, creative, and productive!

(Photos are the author's.)

Best Book for Teaching Continental Knitting

Not Just for Kids

Continental knitters hold the working yarn in their non-dominant hand. Thus a right-handed continental knitter holds the yarn in her/his left hand while using the right-hand needle to pick up the yarn and pull it through stitches. Most experienced knitters find continental to be faster than English knitting. I always use continental when teaching crocheters to knit, as they are already accustomed to holding the yarn in the non-dominant hand.

Melanie Falick wrote Kids Knitting with children in mind, but I have made and enjoyed the projects as well. This book is conveniently sized, yet comprehensive. Skill taught include:

  • casting on by several methods;
  • knitting and purling continental style;
  • knitting in the round;
  • casting off;
  • sewing knitted pieces together; and
  • finishing off with fringe or I-cord trim.

The illustrations are well done and really help beginners to remember what they learned in class. If I could have only one book for a knitting class, this would be my choice.

Find it Online

Kids Knitting: Projects for Kids of all Ages
Kids Knitting: Projects for Kids of all Ages
Clear, illustrated instructions supplement your classroom teaching. Projects are things kids will really want to use/wear. Starting with bean bags and scarves, students progress to hats, afghans, spiral tube socks, and the crowning achievement: a pullover sweater.

Elizabeth Zimmerman

"One tends to give one's fingers too little credit for their own good sense."

--From Knitting Without Tears

Best Book for Teaching English Knitting

For Teens and Anyone Else

English knitters hold the working yarn in their dominant hand, so right-handed knitters would hold yarn in their right hand. When executing stitches, the right hand puts the needle through a stitch, then "throws" the yarn over the tip of the needle and pulls the loop through. Some English knitters use a pouch or knitting stick to hold the left needle, enabling them to use both hands to manipulate yarn and needle tips at high speed. Such knitters can still be found in the islands off the coast of Great Britain.

Teen Knitting Club shows clearly how to knit in the English way. The projects include the usual beginner's scarf as well as a beaded choker done in drop stitch and other teen-friendly items. Don't let the title limit you, though. This would be a good resource for beginners of any age.

How do you knit?

What is your preferred knitting style?

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