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Face painting – Fox Face

Updated on October 2, 2012

My daughter landed the role of the Vixen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at a local community theatre. She asked me to pull out my creative skills and come up with makeup that would help her character come to life. I thought my readers would enjoy a step-by-step tutorial on painting a fox face.


1” flat brush

Liner brush

Small (No. 6) flat brush

Face Paint Colors: White, Black, Blue, Orange and Brown

I used Snazaroo for the white, black and blue and Palmer for the orange and brown. The Snazaroo paint comes in a tin like watercolor paint and the Palmer color comes in a bottle much like acrylic paint. Both brands are hypoallergenic.


Paper plate (if you are using liquid paint)

Rag for cleaning your brushes

Face Paint Glitter

Using white paint, paint under the nose and the chin with a large flat brush (I used a 1" flat brush.)Follow your subjects natural crease created by where the cheek and mouth area meet. Use downward strokes with a little flick at the end of your stroke. This movement will simulate the director of the hair. You can paint into the lip, it will be covered with lipstick at the end.

To paint the nose I once again used a 1" flat brush. For the top of the nose I used long brush strokes that went from the top of the nose to the tip. for the side of the nose, I slowly fanned my brush strokes out and curved them on to her cheeks.

Next, using my large flat brush, I started at the base of the brow and swept the paint in an arch across the forehead.

Then I moved on to the eyes. Using my large flat brush and white paint, I covered her entire eyelid. I used sweeping brush storkes that went up to her temple.

I then used white paint and my large flat brush to fill in under her eyes. I used large strokes that fanned out over her cheeks.

Using a small flat brush, I covered her eyelids in blue paint sweeping the paint up toward her temples.

Using a liner brush, I took black paint and lined her eyes and created little curves at the inside corner of her eyes. I also placed small dots above her upper lip to simulate where her whiskers would be.

To create the colorful fox fur, I loaded my 1" flat brush with orange and brown paint. For this step I switched from the pan paints to the Palmer's bottle paint.

With my large flat bush loaded with orange and brown paint, I started at the side of the nose and layered brush strokes out around the eyes, down the cheek and along the side of the mouth. I then moved on to the center of the forehead where I went over the white paint with the orange/brown mixture.

With my small flat brush, I painted the nose using black paint. I painted the ball of the nose and the lower portion of the nostril. Using the liner brush I painted a black line from the center of the nose to the lip.

To finish off the look I applied a red lipstick with bronze undertones and silver face paint glitter also manufactured by Snazaroo.


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