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fall leaf bowl made out of paper

Updated on September 17, 2011

fall leaf bowl

You'll Need:

Clean Margarine tub


White Glue or Mod-Podge Decoupage Medium

Glue Gun or Glue Dots

Any of the following; Brown colored construction paper, burlap, calico fabric

Fresh preserved Autumn Leaves (directions for preserving below)

How to make the bowl:

Cut the fabric or paper into pieces of vary shapes and sizes.

Apply diluted glue or Mod-Podge onto the tub with a paint brush adding fabric, burlap or paper as you go. Continue with this step until the container is completely covered. Follow with another coat of Mod-Podge.

Set it aside to dry-for a few hours or over night.

Now that you bowl is dry you can add your autumn leaves using glue dots or a hot glue gun.

Preserving your Autumn leaves

The Good Old Fashioned Way:

Still my favorite when working with kids!

Place your autumn‑colored leaves between two layers of wax paper.

Cover with a cloth rag. Using a warm (not too hot) iron, press down on the wax covered leaves, sealing the wax paper together with the leaf in between. Cut your leaves out, leaving a narrow margin of wax paper

around the leaf edge.

New Microwave Method:

Did you know you can preserve fall leaves in your microwave oven.

Choose fresh leaves with the bright colors. Avoid fallen leaves that have already begun to dry. Place separate leaves in the Microwave oven on top of two pieces of paper towel. Cover them with one sheet of paper toweling.

Run the oven for 30 to 180 seconds. Microwaves vary so watch carefully. The drier the leaves, the less time they will need. Be careful, if the leaves "cook" too long you could actually start a fire. If the leaves are curled on the edges they need more time. Let the leaves dry for a day or two and then finish the leaves with a sealant, such as an acrylic craft spray.

Turkey Craft Bowl

Turn your Fall leaf craft into a whimsical Thanksgiving Turkey bowl to hold nuts or candy. First follow the directions for the leaf bowl above.

Keep the leaves close together so they resemble turkey feathers.

You'll need a hot glue gun or glue dots

Construction paper or craft foam sheets (brown, red orange)

plastic wiggle eyes, paper or permanent markers

Cut two feet, a red wattle and a diamond that you will fold for the beak.

You may choose to use paper to make the eyes as well but plastic eyes make your turkey a bit more fun.

Attach all of the pieces to your turkey body and then use a hot glue gun

or glue dots to attach the turkey to the front of the leaves.


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