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Family Birthday Calendar

Updated on May 16, 2013

DIY Birthday Calendar

My Mother is a sweet little soul that couldn't remember a birthday even if there were balloons and cake present!.... Well, to be fair, she is not 'quite' that bad, but she could use a little help in the remembering department. A few years back I made my Mom a paper bag calendar, which was lots of fun to make and had the appeal of personalizatio, but it outdated every year. I could not keep up with making a new one all the time, so I opted out for a wall hanging. I think it's brilliant! And yes.... there are 27 people in our family (including grandchildren)... and growing....

I apologize for the picture quality. I desperately need to invest in a new camera or at least figure out how to use one.

How to create a Family Birthday Calendar - well, at least one way that is....

I went to a local craft store and bought a piece of wood that already had the two holes in the top for the ribbon. I painted it using tempera buttercream white and let it dry before adding my vinyl lettering. I found the months of the year designed for a small block calendar (you know the ones that you put numbers on the 6 sides and flip them for the date) Anyway, they were written out as the full month, but would not fit my board. They were easily cut into the abbreviated form.

The hooks that hold the birthday squares are a "safety pin" from a scrapbooking section in the craft store. They are held to the board using mod podge as well.

I bought 2x2 square pieces of wood for each member of the family and cut 2x2 squares of paper for each. I simply printed off their name and birthday on a white piece of cardstock. I used mod podge to glue the name to the paper and the paper to the wood. After it dried, I applied another coat of mod podge across the top to seal it.

For the hooks on the back, I put a small amount of mod podge in the center of the bottom and top of the back of the wood. Then, I put on the hook and eye fasteners (found at any craft section of a store). After the mod podge dried, I continued to add mod podge until I was satisfied with them being able to hold.

Mod Podge - Matte finish

I like to use the matte finish, but it's really a personal preference. I don't like the way the gloss can seem to have a glare, but it works perfectly fine and has it's own purposes! As for the matte Mod Podge, it's quite simple to use and has easy to read instructions on the bottle. I have been able to do quite a few little projects here and there with a smaller size bottle. This is a good value for the price. Great stuff here!

Hook and eyes are used mostly for sewing projects... so you will most likely find them in the fabric section. If not, here they are on Amazon for pretty cheap.

How would you make your family birthday calendar? - Love to see the creative energy!

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    • Oneshotvariety LM profile image

      Oneshotvariety LM 5 years ago

      I have not made one yet, but I have twins and am going come up with some creative ideas. Great lens!