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famous drawings

Updated on December 30, 2011

most famous drawings ever

Leonardo da Vinci - The Vitruvian Man
Leonardo da Vinci - The Vitruvian Man

What are the most famous drawings ever ?

Well, there isn't much dispute anout number one. The most famous daring ever is the "Vitruvian Man" by Leonardo da Vinci. The Drawing is showing us how Leonardo da Vinci thought the most desired human proportions should look like. It's based upon a square and a circle and Leonardo writes underneath the drawing how the proportions of the whole body is composed.

The second place of the most famous drawing ever is a bit more difficult to pin. There are several artists who are in the race. For instance M.C. Escher, his drawings are probably more known the he himself. He drew a lot of impossible figures. A hand drawing another hand is a famous drawing of him.
Then there is the drawing of Vincent van Gogh, he made several wonderful drawings, from the sunflowers and the cornfields. I like his drawings of almond trees the most. They are so peaceful and tranquil.
Michelangelo is also a favorite for the second place after Leonardo Da Vinci. It's difficult to tell. His drawings of the powerful men and women are amazing. In every position and perspective, he drew them with force and craftsmanship.

M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher
M.C. Escher

The Beauty of Diagrams; The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci; The Vitruvian Man

famous drawings it's secrets, yesterday and tomorrow.

Before you can read or write, you can draw. It is a basic thing in the human culture and is one of the oldest art forms. From the cave paintings from Lasceaux up to contemporary art. Drawing has always been there.

The drawings on the wall in the caves of Lasceaux and many other caves shows us that human kind always wanted to tell stories. And perhaps a drawing tells an even better story than words do. Drawings where the there before there where movies, and the tales told in the ancient prints on the wall and caves are such movies, films made by the early humans who where roaming the earth.

Now we still doodle around, you do not have to be an artist to draw. Many of us simply draw unconscious. During a telephone call, or a meeting. During collage when the teacher gives his boring talk, or perhaps on the toilet. Drawing is a basic thing.

When I meet people on holiday for example, and they do not understand my language, the natural thing for me is to draw what I want. I was in a Chinese Store the other day, and I needed a torch. But we both did not now the right words, so I drew a torch, and it worked!!!

Drawings have a secret power, and the more you look at them, the more powerful they become. And that's something the humans of 30.000 years ago knew as well when the drew there animal drawings.

Who is your favorite artist ?

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