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Updated on August 24, 2017

Doll Games and Fashion Design

You don't have to be a kid to enjoy dolls!

Did you know you could have loads of fun dressing dolls online,

And learn how to fashion design, and create beautiful graphics all in the same place!

That is why we created FashionVixens.Net and if you love creativity and fun, you should come join us!

We are also starting a new downloadable magazine and you can contribute if you like to write about fashion and design.

All the particulars and info are on the website, just post your questions in the forum if you need them answered, and don't be shy! If you love creativity and a lot of cool people, come on over! This is the playground for fashion lovers young and old! Bring your kids, they will love learning how to create graphics, and even design clothing.

Also have access to tons of graphic tools, and games without ever leaving the site. How convenient is that! Very! Not to mention the tons of ways to share your content both manually and automatically through our more than 2 dozen auto feeds across the internet. Come get some fashion fame and fun!

One HOT Diva!

Not Just A Game!

As I already mentioned, doll games are not just for kids. One in particular I have been playing for several years now, has actually helped teach me both how to create and use graphics to design clothing for virtual dolls, but I have been able to use the knowledge for many other projects as well. Where once only a pencil and paper seemed the only canvas for fashion designers, there is now an entire internet full of tools and possibilities.

The doll photo you see here, is a perfect example of what can be done on this particular doll game Diva Chix. This Diva belongs to someone I have watched progress over the years, and is now so incredible an online doll designer, that her creations have other Divas foaming at the mouth for the actual releases. The design in this photo, is one such pre-release, that member Mannequin has been teasing members with on the battle runway, all panting for when she finally releases it in her DC Shop

I can only hope to have the design talent some of these players have online, but I bet there are many of you who might read this, who could benefit from a playground full of knowledge and information, as well as a place where you can flex your creative side too. Enter a contest or two, dress some dolls, battle for fame! Mannequin is just one of so many designers on DC that will literally make your fashion eyeballs pop! Seeing is believing, so give it a visit and see for yourself.

Fashion Vids - How to, and more!

Get the scoop on Nails, Make-Up, and the latest doll info!

On the left we have Naomi, top model, and on the right we have Beyonce!

Choose which celeb you think wears this fashion better by commenting below!.

Which Celeb Wears This Fashion Best?

SHANY Professional 12 - Piece Natural Goat and Badger Cosmetic Brush Set with Pouch - Red
SHANY Professional 12 - Piece Natural Goat and Badger Cosmetic Brush Set with Pouch - Red

What Diva doesn't need the latest make up kit! These brushes are a great addition to yours!

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Marya Packable Down Coat
Tommy Hilfiger Women's Marya Packable Down Coat

The cold weather is coming, don't let it catch you without this awesome Down Coat!

Dress Up - Winter Fashion (Kindle Tablet Edition)
Dress Up - Winter Fashion (Kindle Tablet Edition)

Got Kindle? Play Dolls games on yours!


Action for Action

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      Come play on our network, and find out how you can contribute to our new magazine!