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Female Elf Fantasy Wallpapers

Updated on November 20, 2014

Beautiful and Powerful Female Elf Wallpapers

Elves probably gained their most fame and notoriety from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings fantasy books, gaining a good reputation as a noble race, albeit one that was fading from being a force in the world.

That has generated a wonderful stream of fantasy art surrounding elves, and in this article we'll look specifically at female elves as depicted in digital art forms to be used as wallpapers.

What's great about fantasy are is we usually are presented with characters that are considered to be of significance; those that are either warriors of the type that carry regular weapons such as swords, or as magical beings that are mage or sorceresses.

That means we're in for a visual tree with the digital eye candy, as the genre usually results in some amazing looks as people or beings that are out of the ordinary in how we usually view things. Fantasy fans won't be surprised by this, but those that aren't followers of fantasy literature, film or art may be pleasantly surprised by the beauty and power associated with female elves and how they are portrayed in this gallery of wallpaper pictures.

Since fantasy art is near or at the top of my personal preferences, it's hard to be objective in any way concerning what I consider outstanding art for the computer or other screens, but I think anyone that appreciates art of any type should enjoy using some of these fantastic female elf wallpapers for inspiration and appreciation.

Female Elf Warrior Wallpaper in Winter

This first female elf wallpaper is one of a woman elf warrior walking in what appears to be a winter storm, while attempting to fend off the cold.

It's a beautiful image, one where this obviously powerful warrior, as evidenced by her armor and impressive sword, is also vulnerable to the surrounding environment, shown by her needed to wrap her arms around herself in hopes of adding a little warmth to her frame.

Even her face shows signs of worry and a little fatigue as she takes in her surroundings.

The winter background with the snow-covered trees in the foreground and difficult to see trees in the background because of the storm add a nice touch of reality to this terrific wallpaper.

female elf wallpaper
female elf wallpaper | Source

Magical Female Elf Wallpaper

In contrast to the rugged terrain, conditions and warrior status of the first female elf, this one takes on a completely different look, as she is obviously a magical being of some sort.

Her clothing tells that she isn't one that has struggled with the elements, although she may be able to use them against her foes.

The background with the planet and universe says that she has extraordinary powers and is a force to be reckoned with in the world.

Also nice are the colors, and anyone liking the purple and blue hues, along with the subject matter will like this as a wallpaper choice.

magical female elf
magical female elf | Source

Unique Female Unicorn Elf

I really like this interesting and unique female unicorn elf, how seems to have some type of important connection to the unicorn whose head she is cradling in her arm.

The flowing hair and similar color of the elf and the unicorn are obvious, as is obviously the same type of horn extending from the forehead.

I haven't seen anything quite like this fantasy wallpaper, and it is one that would turn heads and cause questions to be generated as to what it all means.

The shining light in the background with the clouds suggests there is something mystical and extraordinary about these two.

You certainly can't look at this unicorn female elf wallpaper and not be affected.

female unicorn elf
female unicorn elf | Source

Female Elf in Forest

What immediately struck me when first viewing this female elf warrior is that she not only had the physical sword to defend herself, but also it seems some type of magical powers.

It's not completely clear concerning that, as can't tell if it's a type of light she's holding, or a light she conjured up magically. Either way it's a terrific image.

With here squatting down it's not obvious, but she has on some amazing elven clothing, of which I wish I could have seen on her when she was standing up.

What's different about this wallpaper is the environment this female elf is in. It seems she is a woodland elf, and is at home among the trees and forest. The green tint of the illustration looks great.


Female Mage Elf

Finally there is this magnificent image of a female mage elf wallpaper, showcasing a stunning outfit and look, one which her pretty and young face at first glance doesn't line up with.

The gold and blue outfit is gorgeous, and the design, which includes some sharp points and extension, implies this is a warrior mage, whether she looks like it or not as to her facial features.

Looking at the blue flame or light makes for a stunning image, and the arrows placed through her hair or crown are very unique.

This elven female mage exudes power, mystery and magic, and only once would someone underestimate here if her demeanor and outward grandeur are reflective of her power and who she really is. A wallpaper like this would be a fantastic addition to any computer or screen.

Female Elf Wallpapers

For beauty, power and fantasy female elven wallpapers, it doesn't get much better than this gallery of images, as they would fit nicely into any fan of fantasy art and elves.

All of these represent a good cross-section of what is out there in regard to wallpapers to inspire and delight in this particular genre.

Simply type in "female elf wallpapers" and you'll get thousands of options to choose from.

Even if you're not familiar with or a big fan of fantasy, it can't be denied that these female elf wallpapers stand on their own and are compelling no matter what your personal preferences may be.

Sometimes art is just good art because of the subject matter and quality, and these wallpapers represent all of that.


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    • Poetry3D profile image

      Tony 14 months ago from Australia

      Stunning creations, Love your work

    • Anate profile image

      Joseph Ray 3 years ago

      This was an interesting article.

    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 3 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      Very nice Elf wallpapers!