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find cheap craft supplies

Updated on November 18, 2011

Tips on where you can find cheap craft supplies

It is a fact of life today that many things are increasing in price and that includes the materials within the hobbies all of us participate in. Craft is no exception and craft supplies can be expensive. Where can you find cheap craft supplies, and dare I say it, free craft supplies.

Craft supplies can be found in many locations but it does depend on what craft you like to produce. Crafts that include the use of buttons, fabric and embellishments can find a very good source of the consumables at garage sale, car boot sales and jumble sales. This way of sourcing your cheap craft supplies might not be to everyones taste, but it can supply the avid crafter with a wealth of buttons, numerous embellishments, fabric and general materials to include in your crafts.

You never know what will turn up at such sales and you could be rewarded well with your store of craft consumables growing more than you realise.

I can remember as a boy, my mother having thousands of buttons, bags of colourful wool and many other items that were collected as she used and recycled old clothing for dressmaking and knitting, which is now a growing trend.

As mentioned, car boot sales and garage sales can add a lot to your craft supplies and you never know what will turn up.

Cheap craft supplies at Pound shops / Dollar stores

The pound shop or Dollar store as it is called in the USA is always a good source of cheap craft supplies. It can be very surprising as to what appears in these shops as they turn over many items. There can be all sorts of craft supplies for making home decorations and decor. When in your local dollar / pound store, don’t forget to check out the cheap greeting card section and discount paper and party supplies. The dollar / pound shop is actually a pretty good place to also find some really uncommon and unique cheap scrapbooking supplies. You do have to be careful in such stores as the turn over of stock can mean that supplies you can get one week might be gone the next but these stores can be a very good source of cheap craft materials.

Ebay, a good source of cheap craft supplies

Ebay can be another great source of cheap craft supplies with many bulk items on sale. Like many products on ebay, craft supplies can be picked up very cheaply from new buyers. New buyers on ebay who have not had a huge amount of feedback will see a reduce sale price for the items they are selling, which is due to the lack of feedback they have received. This is generally the rule across many items and it is no different with craft items. With this in mind it is always worth keeping an eye on craft sales on ebay and especially those new to the game of selling on ebay.

Advertise in your local stores for cheap craft supplies

Nearly all of us are guilty of storing items we no longer use in our daily lives and while you are reading this just cast a thought to how much stuff you have tucked away in your attic or basement? Advertising in your local shops (cast a wider net if you need to) for craft related items and unwanted craft materials and you may be pleasantly surprised as to the response.

Craft fairs

Many craft fairs and craft exhibitions will see some good bargains to be had as many exhibitors run promotions to entice visitors to there stands.


Like many items there are a good selection of craft supplies on Amazon and this is certainly worth a look and keeping an eye on as bulk purchases and deals are always to be had.

Online stores other than Amazon

The online world of e-commerce is not something that is new but the very nature of selling online means companies can offer many items at discounted prices. Online retailers have running costs like any businesses but compared to the brick and mortar stores, these running costs can be relatively small and make then a good source of cheap craft supplies.

Always bookmark and sign up fore the newsletters of your favourite craft stores online as there are many bargains and bundles of craft products to be had.

One such craft store (for the UK viewers out there) is RUCraft who always has discount, bundled offers and competitions to win craft materials.

Frugalicious tips on saving money on craft supplies

Where do you source your cheap craft supplies?

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    • Jonathan Grimes profile imageAUTHOR

      Jonathan Grimes 

      7 years ago from Devon

      Thanks for the feedback, plenty more to follow.

    • viveresperando profile image


      7 years ago from A Place Where Nothing Is Real

      Nice article! :)


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