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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Hair Ornaments

Updated on October 22, 2015
ORANGE CROCHET FLOWER CLOSEUP by Jprescott Closeup of an orange crocheted flower with a multi-colored crochet fabric background.
ORANGE CROCHET FLOWER CLOSEUP by Jprescott Closeup of an orange crocheted flower with a multi-colored crochet fabric background. | Source

Crochet Hair Accessories

Whether you want to make a headband, some pretty hair clips for a little girl, brighten a barrette, bride’s headdress or a cheap hair ornament look like an expensive designer accessory, there are so many hair ornaments to crochet. The only limit is your creative imagination. They are also an imaginative way to use up the odd balls and scraps of yarn or thread that crocheters accumulate along the way. They also make a lovely small gift.

Good Places to Look

As always when hunting free crochet patterns the large crochet-pattern directory web sites are the place to begin your search. Crochet Pattern Central a huge selection of headbands, hair bands, ties, clips, snoods, kerchiefs, and other hair accessories, scrunchies have a page to themselves at CPC. Allcrafts has 200 plus patterns for bun covers, snoods, scrunchies and various other hair accessories. The Chain stitch kerchief is very pretty and would make a good hair covering for church. There is also a tutorial for a bun cover and a snood on the miscellaneous page.

Don't Forget Crochet Blogs for Crochet Hair Accessories

Crocheters are passionate about their art, like all passionate people they blog about crochet. Many crochet bloggers also design crochet patterns and kindly offer them free on their blogs. Crochet Passion has excellent leaf, flower, and butterfly patterns on the site, which can make decorative hair clips, along with a tutorial. Moogly blog has links to 12 free patterns for hair ornaments, including the easy pony tail holder, The pretty Frilly Scrunchy would please many little girls or make a lovely hair decoration for a bridesmaid or party girl's hair. The flower hair clips are a delightful idea and they could be made to match any outfit. The elegant Grecian Hairband would make an elegant finish to an evening or bridal outfit. You could make the Sweet Little Bows in colours for a little girl to match either her school uniform or for party dresses.

More Free Patterns

There are several crochet communities, which give their members access to free patterns. One excellent crochet community providing this service to crocheters is Ravelry. You have to register an e-mail address, to gain access to free patterns, for anything you might ever wish to crochet, but it is well worth doing so as it also allows you access to this vibrant community. Ravelry has links to all kinds of hair accessory patterns including bun covers and some really imaginative and innovative hair ornaments.

Any Small Item Can be a Hair Ornament

Any small item, with a little thought, can make a pretty hair ornament, butterflies, ladybirds, insects, tiny animals, flowers, and other items, can all make effective hair accessories. Also, do look at crochet pin patterns, fridge magnet patterns and any other small items, because you can easily adapt these to make hair accessories.

Don't Endure Mundane Hair Accessories

You really do not have to put up with mundane hair accessories. There are some beautiful free crochet-hair-accessory-patterns on the internet. A search using the words “free crochet patterns hair accessories” will yield a rich harvest and delight any crocheter. Hair ornaments do not use much yarn or thread and could be a good way to use up scraps. You can crochet unique hair ornaments, which would cost a fortune, if you were able to buy them, in a shop. Hair accessories make lovely gifts, although you might want to keep them yourself. Crochet hair ornaments are inexpensive to make and a lovely way to make anyone feel special.


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