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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Shawls, Stoles and Cover-ups

Updated on October 20, 2015
SHEEP OVER BALLS OF YARN by Erdosain DESCRIPTIONWhite sheep over balls of yarn. Concep: before and after
SHEEP OVER BALLS OF YARN by Erdosain DESCRIPTIONWhite sheep over balls of yarn. Concep: before and after | Source

Shawls, wraps and cover-ups are useful additions to any woman’s wardrobe. They are also a quick and easy crochet project for crocheters, who can soon turn a few skeins of yarn into a shawl, wrap, or cover-up. Shawls, stoles, and cover-ups, are suitable for so many occasions, depending on the materials and pattern you use. An elegant stole or shawl made from a speciality sparking yarn could provide the perfect cover-up for your favourite strappy party dress. Cotton or linen yarn or thread can make the perfect item to slip on over a summer dress when the evening cools. A shawl or wrap can be the perfect item to place around the shoulders on chilly evenings at home. Shawls or wraps make excellent gifts for elderly or infirm people, and it is possible to make a shawl that will be cozy without making it so heavy that it is tiresome. Free crochet patterns on the internet mean that crocheters can make as many shawls, wraps, and cover-ups as they please.

Free crochet pattern directories group links together in one place and are so useful for crocheters searching for free patterns. Crochet Pattern Central has many links to shawls, stoles, and cover-ups. The Aphrodite shawl could provide the perfect cover up for a plain slinky dress, or, in white or cream, make a lovely cover up for a bride, in a pale colour it could make a super cover up for a summer evening. The two Aran wraps are more substantial and could provide perfect informal winter cover-ups, and are so warm and cozy they would also be ideal for chilly evenings spent indoors watching television.

The comforting shawl is such a pretty pattern, and it would make a lovely cover-up for summer dresses, formal dresses, or for a bride depending on the yarn colour you choose. The Crimson Lace Wrap could make a dramatic statement on a formal occasion, be a lovely winter cover up, or a comforting wrap to snuggle up in on chilly evenings. The triangle shawl in connected hearts design in filet crochet is charming. The Rainbow shawl is a joyful riot of colour. This is but a small selection of the many links available at Crochet Pattern Central.

The many crochet blogs and web pages yield some wonderful patterns. Purple Kitty Yarns has several free crochet shawl patterns as well as stoles and cover-ups. The Spanish shawl at Purple Kitty is beautiful and the Crochet Lace Wrap Top would form a very useful elegant part of any woman’s wardrobe.

More Ptterns

It would be a mistake to ignore vintage patterns, as there are some exquisite vintage shawl patterns. Antique Crochet Patterns has some beautiful patterns, including the charming butterfly stole. It is elegant enough to make a stunning formal evening accessory and pretty enough for a bride. If you are looking for something particularly glamorous or elegant, vintage patterns may provide the right shawl, stole or cover-up for your need.

The Daily Crocheter has links to many excellent shawl, stoles and cover-up patterns. The Flamenco Wrap is a lovely light, airy, shawl perfect for summer evenings. The Keepsake Lace shawl made in thread is a very feminine shawl, which could provide the perfect cover-up over a summer dress, when the evening gets chilly, or over a bridal gown.

Internet crochet communities often provide their members with access to free patterns. Ravelry has a very extensive links directory, you will find patterns at Ravelry that you will find nowhere else. You need to enroll as a member at Ravelry by registering an e-mail address but membership gives you access to free crochet patterns for anything that you might ever want to crochet, including over a hundred shawl patterns.

When you know where to look for them, finding a large selection of free crochet patterns for shawls stoles and cover-ups is easy. Shawls stoles and cover-ups provide the ideal solution, when a cardigan or jacket cannot. They are easy to make and to wear. The internet provides some marvelous free crochet patterns, many of which do not need very much yarn. Crocheting a shawl, stole, or cover-up can make you feel sophisticated and exceptional without breaking the budget.


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    Mercia Collins 6 years ago from United Kingdom

    Thank-you SaraDuggan,

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    Sara Duggan 6 years ago from California

    These are great shawl patterns to use for prayer shawls or other gifts. Thanks for gathering this information.