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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Tea Cozies

Updated on October 20, 2015
ORANGE SKEIN by Portulaca DESCRIPTIONAn orange skein of cotton thread
ORANGE SKEIN by Portulaca DESCRIPTIONAn orange skein of cotton thread | Source

Free Crochet Patterns- Tea Cozies

Tea connoisseurs never put a teabag into a mug, when making tea, they know that tea only tastes right, when brewed properly from tea leaves in a teapot. When you brew or “mash” tea properly, your teapot needs a teapot cozy, to keep the pot warm and the tea inside piping hot. Tea cozies are difficult to find in the shops and, when you do find them, they are very expensive. Crocheters have an inexpensive and satisfying remedy to this problem. Free crochet tea cozy patterns abound on the internet and they can be a scrap yarn project, making it very cheap. Tea cozies also make an excellent gift for a tea lover.

Novice crocheters or those embarking on their first tea cozy will appreciate a free video tutorial showing them how to make a traditional, serviceable tea cozy. Video tutorials are an excellent way to learn new techniques.

The large crochet pattern directories are generally a boon to crocheters looking for free patterns. Crochet Pattern Central has several tea cozy patterns in their cozies section. The caravan tea cozy would be a great scrap yarn project, providing excellent cover for a sturdy brown everyday teapot. The Straightforward tea cozy is an excellent beginner’s project, especially for those wanting to learn crocheting in the round and colour changes, also you could use scrap yarn for this project. If you are a little more experienced, you could also adapt the pattern for different teapot sizes and shapes. The pattern is detailed and well explained, with pictures illustrating each stage of crocheting, and how to adapt the pattern to suit your teapot and needs. The simple tea cozy would grace the most elegant afternoon tea table and by the way, taking afternoon tea is very chic. There are even tea cozies to brighten the breakfast table. The chicken tea cozy would provide a cheery welcome to those desperate for their morning cuppa. The cat, poodle, and googly thoughts tea cozies would delight the children. The carrot cake and cup cake tea cozies would make a fun addition to your afternoon tea table.

More Beautiful Free Tea Cozy Patterns

Crochet blogs, crocheters’ and designers’ web pages are another excellent free crochet pattern resource. Tipnut’s site has both crochet and knit tea cozy patterns. The easy ripple, scallop, granny tea cozies are beautiful patterns. Crochet collection has the pretty, comforting Rosy tea cozy and the elegant Simple tea cozy. The Moogly Blog has ten free patterns for tea cozies, including the colourful Granny and Scallop cozies, also do check out the charming Rosebud and Rose Tea cozy patterns o0n the same page.

Major yarn companies also feature free patterns on their web sites. Coats and Clark feature the Drawstring Tea Cozy, a very familiar and traditional design.

The internet has connected crocheters across the world and on line crochet communities are very popular. Ravelry is one such community, which allows its members access to a huge free pattern library and link directory. You have to register as a Ravelry member, with an e-mail address but it is well worth doing so as it not only gives you access to free patterns but also to a lively crochet community. There are seventy free crochet tea cozy patterns at Ravlery with thumbnail pictures. Ravelry’s free patterns range from the wacky Novelty Cover set, including tea cozy, to the baby penguin tea cozy. There are traditional tea cozies, (for example the Cable and Fan tea cozy and Drawstring tea cozy), fun tea cozies, and pretty tea cozies.

Tea cozies are vital to make good tea. Crocheting tea cozies is fun. They make excellent gifts for tea lovers, as bazaar items, for charity shops or fetes. Crocheting tea cozies can help you use up your scrap yarn. Keeping your teapot warm has never been easier, or more colourful.


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