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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Teddy Bears

Updated on October 22, 2015
SHEEP OVER BALLS OF YARN by Erdosain DESCRIPTIONWhite sheep over balls of yarn. Concep: before and after
SHEEP OVER BALLS OF YARN by Erdosain DESCRIPTIONWhite sheep over balls of yarn. Concep: before and after | Source

free patterns teddy bears

The teddy bear became popular all over the World, when Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a baby bear. Today, children, and many adults, love teddy bears, and teddies are often a baby’s first toy. Crocheting any toy, gives crocheters great pleasure, but making a teddy bear always gives its creator a particular joy. It is quite magical to see a personality emerging from your hook and yarn.

Teddy bears make wonderful gifts and they are a popular item to crochet for charity. In any case, in these difficult economic times, crocheters need to save money, like anyone else, and using free crochet patterns save expense. There are many beautiful free crochet patterns for teddy bears on the internet and whether you are crocheting your teddy for yourself, a friend, a relative, or for charity, you are sure to find the right pattern.

Safety Rules When Crocheting Teddy Bears

Before crocheting any toy, there are some safety matters to consider. If you intend giving your finished teddy bear to a baby, a child, or to charity, embroider any facial features and use machine washable yarn that does not shed fibres, to avoid choking hazards. You should also use safe washable filling inside your toy. Your local yarn or craft shop will advise you as to safe products and methods.

Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Teddy Bears

There are many free crochet teddy bear patterns on the internet. As always, when looking for free crochet patterns for any item, the best places to start looking are the large free crochet pattern directories, containing links to free pattern all over the internet. Crochet Pattern Central has links to numerous teddy bear patterns, from a graduate teddy bear to a baby bear. The super easy bear would make an excellent first teddy bear for a baby as well as a suitable pattern for novice crocheters. The rainbow bear is a good way to use yarn scraps and the old-fashioned teddy bear is suitable for beginning crocheters. There are firemen teddies, ballerina teddies, tiny teddies, girl bears, pandas, every type of teddy bear that anyone could possibly desire.

More Free Crochet Teddy Bear Patterns

Many yarn companies offer free crochet patterns on their web sites. The Lion Brand site has four free crochet teddy bear patterns for teddy bears ranging from tiny to larger. The Red Heart site has a charming blanket and teddy bear pattern.

There are several crochet pages, which have links to free crochet patterns. Bev’s Country Cottage offers several free crochet patterns for bears. These include a lovely pattern for a baby’s bear, a bear made from scrap yarn, and bear finger puppets. Crochet pattern bonanza has four amigurumi bear patterns.

Crochet Communities - Good Resource Free Crochet Teddy Bear Patterns

Ravelry is a knitting and crochet community, which allows members access to free patterns. You do have to register an e mail address with Ravelry, but this not only allows you access to free crochet patterns that you will not find elsewhere, it also gives access to a vibrant crochet community. There are links to many patterns at Ravelry for teddy bears and for teddy bear related items including an adorable teddy bear blanket.

Give a Crochet Teddy Bear and Give Joy

Crocheting any toy is always a special project for any crocheter, but teddy bears are a particular joy. Whether your bear’s intended recipient is yourself, a child, an adult friend or relative, or someone you may never know, he, or she, will delight. Many charities will accept crochet teddy bears. Crocheting teddy bears for charity gives crocheters a good feeling because their little bears go out into the world to become someone’s special friend. They let that person know that someone, perhaps, far away, cared enough to make a beautiful teddy bear.Teddy bears are popular for many reasons not least because they reach out, across cultures and differences, from one heart to another. Crocheting a teddy bear is an especial joy and one that you can try soon using free crochet patterns.


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