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Flaming June

Updated on November 2, 2014

Sleeping Splender

In my office hangs a framed print of a beautiful woman coiled up in sleep with her beautiful dress lying in waves around her body. Every time I look at it I smile. It is one of the favorite "things" in my office, in my home for that matter. It is such a favorite that it deserves its own page telling you why.

This print is of the oil painting called Flaming June. It was painted by British artist Sir Frederic Leighton in the 1895. In my opinion it is flawless and it transcends time. As you scroll down I will highlight my favorite aspects about this sleeping spender.

Where Does She Sleep?

The real Flaming June hangs in a gallery in Museo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico.

Images and Notes


Since I only have a print, the detail on my images is not as sharp had I photographed a larger print or the original. I use them to give you an idea of the features I appreciate hoping you will keep in mind that they are more distinct with the larger images. But I think they are large enough to give you a clear picture of my appreciation for this artwork.


I am not an art student, art collector, or historian. I am an average person with an average life who just happens to adore this piece of art. In other words, don't expect any profound thoughts on the background of this image, just a personal view.

Get a Flaming June Print

Flaming June is incredibly popular in print form in many sizes, you can even get a puzzle.

Analysis of Love

The Fabric

Close of of the orange fabric on Flaming June print.
Close of of the orange fabric on Flaming June print. | Source

It is hard to ignore the bright orange fabric covering this woman as it takes up most of the portrait. There are many qualities about it that I appreciate when I look at it. Foremost is the color which is simply amazing. Rich. The attention the artist paid to all the folds of fabric, shadows and highlights is breathtaking. At first glance it appears to be an opaque fabric but as you peer closer you realize it is quite sheer as you begin to move your eyes over her body and the outline of her legs, her toes, and of course the most obvious, breast, become visible. The artist paid the same attention to detail to the bronze colored fabric which may not be as in your face as the orange but still beautiful.

Her Face

A close up of Flaming June's delicate face.
A close up of Flaming June's delicate face. | Source

The closed dark inset eyes that look like they may open at any moment. The beauty of her strong bold lips and my absolute favorite, the blush in her cheeks.

The Bend in Her Hand

A close up of the bend of Flaming June's hand.
A close up of the bend of Flaming June's hand. | Source

I can really appreciate how hard it is to draw and paint hands in their natural position but this bend in her wrist must have been a challenge. There is something very delicate and beautiful about it.

View the Complete Collection

You can view complete collection online.

The Flowers

A close up of the flowers watching over June.
A close up of the flowers watching over June. | Source

The flowers might seem like a minute detail but they provide an interest balance to the tone of the painting, and I like flowers especially red ones.

The Sun on Water

A close up of the glimmer of sun on water.
A close up of the glimmer of sun on water. | Source

I love the highlights on the water which when seen in full view seem to highlight her head. The color of the dress draws my attention but it is the sparkling water that draws me in and to the maiden's sleeping face. When I am out in nature bodies of water always capture my attention for long periods of time -- I love shiny things -- it's a joke based in truth.

Reproducing June

Top Art Reproductions has this amazing reproduction of Flaming June that we can watch from start to finish. I think the artist did an amazing job especially with her face and the red flush in her cheeks.

The Breast

A close up of Flaming June's breast area.
A close up of Flaming June's breast area. | Source

It is hard not to comment on such a sexually significant body part. Leighton made Flaming June sensual without being overly overt with the use of explicit nudity -- some artist's from his era were overt with their nudity without being sensual.

The Hidden Foot

A close up of her hidden foot.
A close up of her hidden foot. | Source

No, I do not have a foot fetish but I love how I can see the toes defined under the sheer fabric.

Her Hair

A close up of her hair.
A close up of her hair. | Source

The first time I saw June I actually thought the bronzey brown fabric were her long locks splayed around her. It was not until I looked more closely I realized it was fabric and that her curly locks were almost hidden. Almost.

Not Visible

Full image of Flaming June courtesy of Wikipedia.
Full image of Flaming June courtesy of Wikipedia.

The original portrait is 47" x 47", a perfect square. As you can see my image is not a perfect square so the top and bottom are cut off. This image is from Wikipedia's archive on Flaming June and is in public domain. As you can see, her other foot, bare, is quite visible and if you are into feet, I imagine it would be quite seductive. There is also the top of the frame which includes some architecture, perhaps a window frame or awning. Both of these missing elements are beautiful and I thought necessary of mention.

One Hit Wonder

Sir Frederic Leighton was not a one hit wonder, at least not in my book. There are a few painting of his that I adore. I highly recommend you check them out too.

  • The Fisherman and the Syren
  • The Painter's Honeymoon
  • Idyll
  • Acme And Septimus
  • Acme And Septimus
  • The Music Lesson
  • The Psama
  • Songs without Words
  • Study, At a Reading Desk
  • Bianca

Thank you for stopping by and reading my thoughts on Flaming June. I hope you will leave some of your own.

What Do You Appreciate Most About Flaming June?

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