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how to sew a fleece hat

Updated on October 23, 2011

Fleece Hat: You’ll need approximately ½ yard fleece fabric for each hat. Sewing is minimal so you can either whip these up on a machine or hand sew. Instructions:

 1. First, determine the size of the hat. Cut fleece 16 inches wide and as long as the measurement you took plus 2 inches

2. Fold the fleece in half, right side in so the 16 inch edges match up. Sew a ½ inch wide seam along this edge, stopping 5 inches from the bottom. Just below the last stitch, make a 1/2-inch cut in from the side. Turn the material right side out. Now sew a seam along the last 5 inches of unsewn fleece.

3. Roll the bottom of the hat up two turns, so the cuff conceals the bottom part of the seam.

4. Gather the top 3 inches of the hat and tie either a length of cording or an extra strip of fleece around it. Snip top into strips if desired.

I’ve also seen these fleece hats made into cute things like reindeers & penguins and yours truly made a snowman hat several years back, but for the life of me can’t seem to find a picture of it. When I pull it out of Christmas storage soon, I’ll take a picture of it if anyone is interested but I made the basic fleece hat out of white fleece, added button eyes and 5 buttons for a mouth, made a carrot shaped nose from polymer clay (don’t forget to poke a hole in the back end to be able to thread some floss through to tack it onto the hat), and added some rosy cheeks with a little lipstick rubbed onto my thumb. Also, around the band of the hat, I added a colored “scarf” for the snowman. It turned out very cute.

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