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Easy Crochet Spring Flower Towel Hanger Free Crochet Pattern!

Updated on November 6, 2014
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Think Spring With This Cheerful Flower Towel Hanger!

Spring may seem far away, but you can bring it a little closer by brightening your kitchen or bathroom d├ęcor with some colorful flower hand towel hangers!

Unlike most crocheted towels out there, for this one you don't have to cut that pretty towel in two! You simply tuck the end of the towel securely through the holder loop. Couldn't be easier! I also like the idea that you don't have to launder the crochet holder every time you launder the towel, saving wear and tear on your pretty holder.

I've used my fun stitch pattern that I call "Rag Stitch" in this pattern. All you need to know to do it is single crochet, making this pattern easy enough for an advanced beginner to enjoy. There is just a tiny bit of half double crochet in the outermost round. That's why I've given it a "Schnauzer Difficulty Rating" of 2/5.

On the "fluffy" round of the flower that you see, the Rag Stitch round, I used a rather unique combination of crochet threads and embroidery flosses, a large number of them creating a similar thickness to the cotton yarn, held together. I love the unique colorplay effects that it created! You can play with threads and flosses too, or you can simply use a contrasting worsted weight yarn for that round.

Whatever you choose, I hope you'll enjoy making up several of these to brighten your kitchen and bath!

The Official Schnauzer Difficulty Rating!

The Official Schnauzer Difficulty Rating!
The Official Schnauzer Difficulty Rating!

What You Will Need

Small amounts of yarn in your choice of colors - worsted weight cotton such as Peaches n' Creme, Sugar n' Cream, Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, etc. For decorative use, choose any yarn you wish.

Optional - various cotton crochet threads and embroidery flosses in desired colors

Crochet hook size H or your preferred.

A Word About Yarn & Thread Selection...

You may use different yarns such as scrap yarns or threads with good results! Just make sure to keep them similar in weight and thickness so as not to throw off the pattern.

Let's Make The Magic!

With chosen center color, (example - pink), chain 6. Join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1

Work 12 SC in ring. Join with sl st to first SC.

Round 2

Ch 1, SC in base of ch 1 just made. Work 2 SC in each SC around. Join with sl st to first st. Fasten off.

Round 3

Attach desired color of yarn OR combination of threads as shown in example in any SC. *CH 4, sl st in 3rd ch from hook. Sl st in next ch. Sl st in next SC (Rag Stitch made). Repeat from * around.

Round 4

*Ch 3, skip 3 Rag Stitches. Sl st in the sl st before the next Rag Stitch. Repeat from * around. End with ch 3, sl st in first st. Fasten off.

Round 5

Attach White with a ch-1 in any ch-3 space. Work SC, 3 HDC and SC in each ch-3 space around. Join with sl st to first st.

Towel Loop

Ch 10, on back of flower slip stitch on the opposite side of flower. Turn work, SC in each ch of the ch 10. Slip stitch into flower to secure.

Hanger Strap

From where you are, ch 30. SC in 2nd ch and in next 5 ch. Ch 4, skip next 4 ch. SC in next and in all remaining ch's. Slip stitch behind edge of flower to secure. Ch 1, turn.

Finishing Round

Work 1 round of SC back up the hanger strap, working 4 SC in the ch-4 space. When you reach the last SC, work 3 SC in that SC and then continue down the opposite side of strap, working a SC in each SC. When you reach the flower again, slip stitch behind flower to secure and fasten off.

Sew a purchased button to strap in desired position above flower as shown in photo.

The Rag Stitch

The Rag Stitch
The Rag Stitch

Finishing The Flower

Finishing The Flower
Finishing The Flower

Towel Strap

Towel Strap
Towel Strap

Towel Hanger

Towel Hanger
Towel Hanger

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    • lucille12 profile image

      lucille12 2 years ago

      Hangers have been used since the late 1800s and are still in heavy use today in both household residences and department stores.

    • SheilaSchnauzies profile image

      Sheila 4 years ago from Omaha, NE

      @LisaAuch1: Thanks so much Lisa!

    • LisaAuch1 profile image

      Lisa Auch 4 years ago from Scotland

      As Always a great crochet pattern from you :)

    • Scraps2treasures profile image

      Scraps2treasures 5 years ago

      What a pretty towel hanger! I might have to add this to my crafting to-do list. Blessed by a Squid Angel :)