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Favorite Foods Coloring Pages

Updated on April 28, 2016

Yummy Healthy Eating Coloring Pages

Favorite foods coloring pages make learning about smart eating and healthy snack foods tons of fun featuring Fruits, Veggies, Snacks and Nutritious Treats pictures to color or use for craft templates!

Coloring pictures, printable activities and games featuring nutrition and healthy eating lessons teach children how to make wise choices and shows them where the different foods they eat come from before they arrive at the market. You'll find a whole range of fun and delicious pictures to color here: ice cream coloring pages, pizza sheets, vegetables printables, snack pages and many more.

This free food coloring pages lens is all about fun with healthy and tasty things to eat: kids favorite snack coloring pages, nutrition posters and printable food lesson activity pages. Your are welcome to share this page with other parents, day care providers and educators. Enjoy!

Printable coloring page illustrations on this page are my own work.

Healthy Food Coloring Page Collections - Printable pictures to color of fruits, vegetables, sweets and more

Printable Favorite Food Coloring Pages

This link list features pre-screened printable coloring book collections offering many different no cost healthy coloring pages for download.

Summer Picnic Foods Coloring Page - August

Fun picnic foods coloring page for August
Fun picnic foods coloring page for August | Source

Farm Scene Coloring Sheet - Do your children know where foods originate?

Farm coloring page - barn and fields
Farm coloring page - barn and fields

Children know that we shop for food in the grocery store or at the market. Do your children know where foods are grown? Add your own crops and produce to fields in this farm coloring page.

Ice Cream Coloring Page - Summer Time Favorite Food Coloring Page

Ice cream cones printable coloring page
Ice cream cones printable coloring page

We all love cool, creamy ice cream on a hot summer day.

Dancing Veggies from NIEHS Coloring Book (
Dancing Veggies from NIEHS Coloring Book (

Learning About Food and Nutrition

Fun Food Games and Booklets

Kids learn best through hands on activities, and coloring pages about food and nutrition teach children about good and bad food choices as well as where our favorite foods come from - not the grocery store, but the farm!

The Pizza Explorer site features interactive learning - history of pizza, components and chemistry of pizza, nutrition, food processing, health aspects. Includes a fun to play Flash Game.

Popcorn Trivia is a fun game featuring facts about America's favorite snack food: popcorn.

Cute food friends illustration is from and in the public domain

Childrens Cook and Color Snack Book - Learn to Cook and Learn About Foods

A fun and tasty way to learn about nutrition AND how to cook, designed for kids.

Color & Cook HEALTHY SNACKS (Dover Coloring Books)
Color & Cook HEALTHY SNACKS (Dover Coloring Books)

Kids can color and cook their favorite nutritious snacks based on the ideas in this book


Table Setting Place Mat Picture to Color - Learn to set the table with knife, fork, spoon and plate

Table setting place mat activity sheet
Table setting place mat activity sheet | Source

Pumpkins Coloring Page - Healthy harvest pumpkins coloring sheet

Pumpkins are deliciious healthy vegetables, food coloring pages
Pumpkins are deliciious healthy vegetables, food coloring pages | Source

Kids Cook Book: Everything Kids Cookbook

Written by a registered dietitian with two (now grown) children, this delightful book leads kids through the process of making their favorite foods with plenty of learning about food safety, kitchen safety and nutrition along the way.

Grapes, Letter G Coloring Page

Grapes coloring page
Grapes coloring page

Coloring Sheet: My Food Pyramid - Start preschoolers off right with healthy eating

My Pyramid food coloring sheet printable for preschoolers
My Pyramid food coloring sheet printable for preschoolers

Free printable My Pyramid coloring sheet available for kids and preschoolers from the US government. Visit the USA MyPyramid Archives to view all the healthy nutrition materials for kids of all ages.

Lobster Coloring Sheet
Lobster Coloring Sheet | Source

Eat Smart Play Hard

Fruits Coloring Pages - Fresh Fruit Pictures to Color

The best snacks are fresh fruits, crisp raw veggies, cheese and other natural foods.

Dairy Foods Coloring Pages - Milk, cheese, butter - fresh dairy foods coloring sheets

Printable coloring pages of milk, cheese, butter and of course, cows and goats and dairy farms that provide us with these delicious and healthy dairy foods.

Basket of Eggs Coloring Page - Farm Fresh Eggs from Happy Hens

A basket of fresh eggs
A basket of fresh eggs

A basket filled with fresh eggs from the farm.

Protein Foods Coloring Pages - Meat, eggs, nuts and beans coloring sheets

Protein coloring pages for meat eaters and vegetarians ...

Snack Foods Coloring Pages - Fun Foods Can Be Healthy Foods

Picnic Foods Snacks
Picnic Foods Snacks | Source

Pizza Coloring Page - Color a Slice or the Whole Pizza Pie

Favorite Foods: Pizza Coloring Page
Favorite Foods: Pizza Coloring Page | Source

Sweet Treat - Cupcake Coloring Page

Cupcake Coloring Page Printable
Cupcake Coloring Page Printable

Healthy Foods Activity Pages - Printable games, crafts and worksheets featuring food

Kids have fun while learning about good nutrition and managing their food pyramid.

Not Just for Coloring, These Food Outlines Get Crafty

You can use food coloring pages for other crafts. The outlines are wonderful for creating embroidery patterns and felt ornaments, pins or toys. If you have a graphics editor handy you can create your own clip art and custom illustrations by adding color and other embellishments.

I like to make my own custom coloring books for parties and gatherings. Favorite food coloring pages from the snacks category would be fun for kids to color. The most popular free printable food coloring pages on my web sites are the pizza, cupcakes and birthday cake or ice cream printable coloring pages.

Graphic Credits for This Lens

Except where noted below or in context all illustrations on this page are my original artwork. View and download coloring pages and printables for home or classroom use at or

Lens Illustration based on Letter F, Figs Dancing, from ABCs of Coloring, USDA FSA

Food pyramid, US government

© 2010 Lee Hansen

Colorful Comments Welcomed Here - Did you find a food coloring page for your favorite snack?

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    • profile image

      poutine 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for all the useful links and tips.

    • judyslack profile image

      judyslack 6 years ago

      A fun, healthy promoting activity lens. Goes along with my books...."Crunching Carrots, Not Candy" and "Crunching and Munching the ALPHABET."

    • hlkljgk profile image

      hlkljgk 6 years ago from Western Mass

      these are great. i'm going to print some up for my daughter. thanks :)

    • profile image

      andrwin 6 years ago

      nice collection of coloring sheets

    • Asinka profile image

      Asinka Fields 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I love coloring books. So I am a big fan of all your coloring pages. Wish we had Squido when we were children :(.

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