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Make Forest Animal Hats For Kids From Cute Designs

Updated on August 16, 2016

Kids Hats Can Be Fun

Making forest animal hats from free patterns for children is a fun projects to sew, knit or crochet. I always like to make things for kids and animal hats are especially easy to make and kids love them. There are many ideas available, making up into adorable little critters with ears, tails and other cute features. My grandchildren love to get new hats when I make them, the excitement on their faces is worth the work I put into the project.

•Sometimes I like to make my animal hat patterns in playful colors or change the pattern a little to create a crazy looking animal hat. I find that by doing hand stitching around ears with eyelash yarn creates a hair look the kids just love. Since so many cute patterns are available for knitting, sewing and crochet the hats I make are each unique. There is something about kids and animal hats they seem to go well together.

•Children enjoy dressing up and pretending to be their favorite animal. Find out what they like and look for patterns that fit their likes. You will find that there are many patterns available and should have no problem finding the perfect one for your next project.

Looking for free patterns

The internet is the best place to look for free animal hat patterns. There are many sites which offer free downloadable patterns. Just make and effort to do a search and find some of the best patterns ever online. You will not be disappointed at the amount and quality of these patterns.

I have done my own search and was surprised at the number of sewing, knitting and crochet patterns I found. Simply type in "free animal hat patterns" and you will be on your way to some of the most unique as well as free patterns available.

Crocheted Animal Hats

Videos for animal hats

There is a huge variety of video patterns available on youtube. If you are new to these crafts you will be able to find a video which is designed to teach you to knit, sew, or crochet. This is an easy way to learn these skills and you can do it at you own pace, in the privacy of your own home.

Search the the youtube site and you will be able to find so many of these tutorials for free. I love to find them and learn new skills. You too can become a skilled artist just by watching a video.

Why You Should Make Forest Animal Hats

  1. Animal hats are fun and easy to make. Both adults and children alike enjoy wearing them. The Fall season is upon us and if you enjoy knitting, crocheting or sewing you will find pattern to suit your talents. You may want to make quirky hats in bright colors or more realistic ones, depending upon your mood.
  2. This is the perfect time to get ready for those cold winter days. Relax with a cool project to delight that special someone. If you are like me you enjoy making hat for the people you love. What a nice way to share your talents. You can easily find remarkable patterns for free online. So why not begin a project today?

So many hats to purchase online

Following Instruction

Just follow the instruction for anyone of these hats and you will be surprised at how easy it is to create fashion pieces. There are many patterns designed for beginners as well as experienced designers. You can find patterns in some of the most unusual places. Have you ever looked at the Second-hand store for patterns?

If you want a quicker way to secure a pattern you might try to find a downloadable one on the internet. Perhaps you have a favorite fabric or craft store and you prefer sewing pattern over knitting or crocheting. Any kind of animal hat pattern you find can be made to your exact desires. If you are looking to make one in the same colors as your new winter coat or perhaps you have a special child in mind fro your creation. You will be able to choose the fabric or yarn to match most anything you desire.

Don't stop there. Maybe you want to start making gifts for the holidays. What a great way to share your talents with loved one in your life. I like to start my projects early so I can make a special design for each person on my list. Enjoy yourself while you create. Sit down and knit or crochet while watching TV. Maybe you like to sew to get away from everything, you can do that too.


The last time you created something

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Material for you hats

You can make hats from many different materials. Here are a few example:

  1. acrylic yarn
  2. wool yarn
  3. old wool coats or jackets
  4. polar fleece
  5. cotton fabric
  6. felt
  7. anything that suits your fancy

Fur Animal Hat

How likely are you to make an animal hat for someone you love?

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