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Fourth of July Patterns for the Knifty Knitter Knitting Looms

Updated on February 12, 2018
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I love to share my favorite patterns on the web for people out there who like making things as much as I do!


American Flag
American Flag

Knifty Knitter Patterns for the Fourth of July

Show your Fourth of July spirit with these patriotic patterns for the Knifty Knitter Looms. You'll find patterns here for loom knitting room décor, blankets, place mats, and lots of other red, white, and blue items to help celebrate the Fourth of July.

Can or Bottle Cozy Pattern - Flag Theme Bottle or Can Cozy by Brenda

Red, White and Blue Soda Can Cozy
Red, White and Blue Soda Can Cozy

This striped drink cozy was created by Brenda at the "Loom Lore" blog. She uses the drawstring cast on and the garter stitch in this project. It can be done in just over an hour and is perfect for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day or Veterans Day.

Skill Level: Intermediate

You will need:

* Knifty Knitter Blue Round Loom - Small

* Knifty Knitter hook

* Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Claret (red) Aren (white) and Navy or Royal (blue)

* Yarn needle

Fourth of July Can Cozy Pattern

Patriotic Pin Pattern - for the Knifty Knitter Flower Loom

Here is another patriotic pattern by Brenda Meyers. It's also made with red, white and blue Red Heart Super Saver yarn. You can use leftover yarn from other Fourth of July projects because this pin doesn't require much. She uses the flower loom and the flat knit stitch.

Skill Level: Intermediate

You will need:

* Knifty Knitter Flower Loom

* Knifty Knitter hook

* Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Claret (red) Aren (white) and Navy or Royal (blue)

* Yarn needle

* Button for the center of the pin

Fourth of July Pin Pattern

Knifty Knitter Flag Tree Pattern

Knifty Knitter Patter for Flag Decor
Knifty Knitter Patter for Flag Decor

Fourth of July Decoration

Flag Tree Pattern for the Knifty Knitter Loms

This flag "tree" is perfect for the Fourth of July. It's knitted with 3 of the round looms from the Knifty Knitter round loom set, including the green, red, and blue looms. The flag tree is knitted working from the bottom to the top. It uses the one-over-two stitch.

Skill Level: Intermediate

You will need:

* Knifty Knitter Green Round Loom

* Knifty Knitter Red Round Loom

* Knifty Knitter Blue Round Loom

* Knifty Knitter Hook

* Yarn Needle

* Star - Approximately 1.5 Inches

* 18 oz. Red Yarn

* 18 oz. White Yarn

* 18 oz. Blue Yarn

* Dowel Wood Base

Fourth of July Flag Decoration


Flag Placemat by Provo Craft

Free Pattern for Fourth of July Flag

Skill Level: Intermediate

You will need:

* Knifty Knitter Green Round Loom - Large

* Knifty Knitter hook

* Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Claret (red) Aren (white) and Navy or Royal (blue)

* Yarn needle

Fourth of July Place Mat

Red White and Blue Ribbon Flowers - from Judy's Handmade Creations Blog

These Fourth of July flowers were made by Judy. She uses the Knifty Knitter flower loom to create them. If you are new to flower making on the loom, she has a video to walk you through it on her blog.

Skill Level: Intermediate

You will need:

* Knifty Knitter Flower Loom - Small

* Red, White and Blue Ribbon

Fourth of July Flowers on a Flower Loom

Patriotic Coffee Cup Cozy

This coffee cup cozy is make using the small Knifty Knitter round loom. It's knitted as a flat panel alternating rows of knit and purl stitches. After a long rectangle of knit is created, you turn it on its side and connect it around the cup using buttons.

  • Yarn: 100% Cotton (4-ply); Colors: Red, White, and Off White
  • Blue Knifty Knitter Loom
  • Knitting Tool
  • Crochet Hook
  • 2 Buttons

You can find photos and the pattern at the "This Moment Is Good" blog:

Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern

Red, White and Blue Hat

Child Size Beanie Hat for the Green Loom

This pattern is for a child's beanie hat done on the green round loom. The stars and stripes are made by skipping pegs and then filling them in with a different color. The finished hat is adorable and patriotic.

Patriotic Hat

Forth of July Hat

Here is another version of the patriotic hat done in a feminine style. It has horizontal stripes on the brim, rather than vertical stripes. The top is done in solid blue and it's embellished with a star.

Red and White Striped Scarf

Red and White Striped Scarf

I don't think this scarf was intended to be patriotic, but it gives a nice visual inspiration with the red and white stripes. A square of blue could be added and stars could be sewn to the blue section of knit to create and American flag.

American Flag Hat

American Flag Hat Adult Hat

This video lists several projects and at the end she gives links to patterns to make each of them. The American flag hat is discussed near the end of the video. I like the way the white stars are contrasted on the blue brim.

If you have a favorite Fourth of July pattern that isn't listed here, please leave a comment below.

The Knifty Knitter on Facebook

If you enjoyed these patriotic patterns and you'd like to see more patterns for the Knifty Knitter brand looms in your Facebook feed, please like our page:

Knifty Knitter Fan Page

Other Holiday Themed Pattern Collections

When you've completed your 4th of July patterns on your looms, you may want to think ahead to Halloween patterns. Check out the collection of Halloween patterns for the Knifty Knitter looms:

Halloween Loom Knitting Patterns

© 2012 hsschulte

Do You Have a Favorite Fourth Of July Pattern? - Leave a comment.

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