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Earth: Fragile Planet, A Traveling Art Exhibition

Updated on May 2, 2011

Increasing Environmental Awareness Through Illustration

As a tribute to this year’s Earth Day, which falls in April, Montgomery College hosted art exhibition “Earth: Fragile Planet” in the Technical Building on the Rockville Campus. The show displays the work of 40 illustrators, both professional and student, who were recruited by the Society of Illustrators to contribute original artwork that conveyed their view of the state of the global environment.

The Society of Illustrators, a membership organization for artists and the promotion of illustrative art, created this show with the intention to educate the public through increased environmental awareness. “Every one of these images addresses a different [environmental] issue” said Martha Vaughn in a press conference on Tuesday. Vaughan is the coordinator of the Communication Arts Technologies (CAT) gallery where the exhibition was displayed.

The environmental theme of the show “allowed illustrators to create art that might help change the world in some way”, said Vaughan, standing in the midst of the hung artwork. She explained that while some guests found the artwork depressing, it may “stir some people to action”.

The issues addressed by the artistic creations included water conservation, deforestation, pollution, loss of habitat and endangered species. Each piece was created in the artists’ own chosen media such as pen & ink, digital, pencil, oil, and watercolor.

The CAT gallery hosts a diversity of art exhibitions throughout the year. In addition to students, staff and faculty of Montgomery College, the wider public is welcome to visit any of the scheduled shows. “Earth: Fragile Planet” will be open for viewing from April 4th through 29th .


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