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Frank Clarke Watercolor Brushes

Updated on April 6, 2013

Frank Clarke watercolor brushes are special brushes preferred by many watercolor artists for their fine natural bristles and quality workmanship.They are popular with watercolour artists of all levels of skill and ability and are reasonably priced so that anyone can afford to have them in their collection. If you like painting in watercolours, then chances are you've already heard about these fine paintbrushes and are looking for some more information on them.

Here in this Hub Page, I'll take a closer look at some of these highly popular watercolour artists paint brushes and give you some ideas on their best uses and getting the best from them. I'll also look at where you can source them online to make life easy for you if you are looking to buy a set of these great brushes.

Watercolour artists from around the world love to use Frank Clarke watercolour brushes for their paintings mainly because the quality of the brushes is very high and the materials used are of the best quality. Larger brushes use goat hair, which is perfect for covering larger areas while still producing very fine work.

There are several small ranges of brushes that you can buy and they come in sets or you can get hold of them individually as well.

Frank Clarke Watercolor Brushes Sets

Frank Clarke produces a small range of watercolor paint brushes, one of which is the "Simply Painting" set comprising the Baby Hake and Rigger Brush. The Baby Hake is a 3/4 inch goat hair brush, while the no. 3 rigger is made from nylon. These excellent watercolor brushes are ideal for beginners and the leisure painter too. The 3/4 inch Baby Hake Brush is perfect for creating effects that may be more difficult to do with other brushes of lesser quality. On the other hand, the size 3 Rigger being made from nylon makes for much finer work, especially for painting very fine lines.

There is also a Simply Painting three brush set which comprises a 1 1/2 inch goat hair, 3/4 inch goat hair and nylon no.3 rigger.

Each of the artists paintbrushes has been specially designed for use in certain settings with the 1 1/2 inch goat hair being the real workhorse. Being a large brush and having and overall length of 12 inches, this is an easy brush to use for backgrounds and areas that need to be filled in quickly. Because it has the ability to hold large quantities of water, it helps with making large sweeping strokes that allow you to cover large areas of paper fast, which is one of the things that is necessary when painting watercolors.

The smaller 3/4 inch otherwise called the baby goat hair brush is better for smaller areas. It has an overall length of 8 inches and makes light work of filling in smaller areas with color. Both brushes are known as obedient brushes, due to the fact that they are made from goat hair. This allows you to create great effects that no other brush will allow you to do. The rigger No. 3 is specially for for fine art work and has an overall length of 7 1/2 inches. It is made of nylon making it react well in a way that allows you to create fine lines easily in your paintings.

Where to Buy Frank Clarke Watercolor Brushes

There are only a few places that you can buy these excellent watercolor paintbrushes online other than Frank Clarke's own official website at One of these is of course eBay, the worlds favourite and largest online auction house.

You might notice there are some items from eBay perched to the right of this column and that's no accident! I deliberately put them there so you can see for yourself that you can indeed source some of the most popular Frank Clarke watercolor brushes from there. The beauty of this is that those images are being sent direct from eBay's live auction, which means they are on sale right now for the price you see.

So if you happen to spot a set of brushes that you want, simply click the image to get all the details on how you can make a bid or buy it outright as some items allow you to do.

Amazon is also a good online store that is worth having a look at for good quality watercolour brushes and while you may or may not be able to buy Frank Clark branded brushes there, they do have some very good quality alternatives and competitive prices.


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    8 years ago

    Hi Janice

    Thank you for info on Frank Clarke brushes They are available exclusively from his website

  • profile image


    9 years ago from CT, USA

    Thanks for the pointers on this brush. Heard about this brush but never used one.


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