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Free Christmas Printables to Help You Decorate Your Home

Updated on November 16, 2013

Gather all and be Merry with these Free Printables!

There isn't a holiday warmer (measured by the feeling in the heart not outside temperature naturally) than Christmas and it's a holiday I am really looking forward too! I've already started on my Christmas shopping and I am already thinking about all the jolly decorations and how we will be celebrating this year. As I'm already in the spirit I started creating simple decorations to print out, frame and put on the wall,shelves or if you have it, on top of the fireplace where they will fit perfectly.

These have become quite popular lately, I've seen quite a few of really heart warming and festive ones circling around Pinterest so I've also included 10 of my favourite printables from other artists, I mean you can never have too many free printables can you? Some of them even work well with others (mine too ;) so you can mix and match and decorate on a budget!

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Free Printables Downloadable From This Page are Created By Me

Jolly Seasonal Kisses Free Printable - Kis! Kiss!

One of the more romantic aspects of Christmas is certainly the Mistletoe (and kissing under it).It's a tradition for couples who meet under the Mistletoe to kiss. It goes something like this, if a guy meets a girl under the holly he has the privilege to kiss her and when he does he gets to pluck one berry from the branch. When all the berries are plucked the holly looses it's kissing magic (so if you want to kiss that one girl do have that in mind, or a spare holly at hand).

This tradition inspired me to create this fun seasonal kisses free printable.

Christmas Cheer Free Printable Decoration - The things that make us happy

For me personally Christmas is all about spending time with the family and doing things togheter... It's also about all the sweet scent's in the air that come with the season. And yes, it's about the gifts too :). I do love giving as much as I do receiving - and it's the small things from the heart that are most appreciated. This freebie sums up some of the things I love about Christmas.

Deck The Halls Tree - Singing songs!

A thing that's a must at Christmas time - a tree! We always listen to festive songs when we decorate it (this year we're starting a new ornament tradition, I'm so excited) and that's how this one came about.

Gather all and Be Merry! - Family together

Last but not least, the essence of this holiday - Gather all and be merry! There's just something about red color in the festive season isn't it? It's all about Santa Claus, Rudolph's shiny nose, candy canes...

A Christmas Decoration I love

I was looking for the perfect frame to put these on display, something with Christmas spirit and while browsing I found this...

Wooden Photo Frame Christmas Ornaments - box of 12
Wooden Photo Frame Christmas Ornaments - box of 12

While this frames aren't big enough to showcase my printables I really love the idea of putting my family on the Christmas tree. Don't you just love these?


My Favourite Christmas Printables From Around The Web

As there are so many rooms to decorate for Christmas (I confess, I am a holiday fanatic) you (and I) will be needing more than just the few printables I created. Over the years talented bloggers around the globe have been creating these gorgeous freebies to help you (and I) decorate for Xmas and although it was extremely hard to single out the best as all are awesome I picked a few I like the most (some even come in more than one versions).


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    • Lorelei Cohen profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

      Christmas comes so quickly each year. I hope your holiday season this year is merry and bright. The very best of seasonal wishes to you and your family.