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free cross stitch pattern Renoir On The Terrace

Updated on April 7, 2011

This is my favorite painting in the world, every time I go to Chicago I drop by the Art Institute to see it. I know American Gothic is also at the Institute, but I never get past the Impressionists to see anything else.

So, I have made a cross stitch pattern out of the painting, I haven't adjusted the colors at all or added back stitch to it, that doesn't really go along with Impressionism.

This a large pattern, finished size is 148w x 184h, which is about 10.5 x 13 inches using 14 count Aida and about 9.25 x 11.5 inches in 16 count. The pattern uses 25 DMC colors.

I have included both color and black and white symbol charts. To save just click on the thumbnail pictures to expand, then right click to save. The patterns each run 9 pages.

Happy stitching!


Click thumbnail to view full-size


Click thumbnail to view full-size


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