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Free Cross Stitch Pattern Seed Catalog Muskmelon

Updated on September 1, 2013

I have done a new cross stitch chart. Seed Catalogs usually have some pretty colorful colors and I have found an early one.

I simplified the background and took out some of the small print. I am not really satisfied with the back stitch in red, but I did want to get those words on it.

I'm not sure if everyone knows what muskmelon is, put it is the best cantaloupe you can eat. It's hard to get in the stores because it is very heavy, with a think rind, but it doesn't really have that much edible fruit inside. You can really only get it at farmer's markets.

To download, click on the image to make full size, then right click and hit save as.

the chart is about 8 x 12 inches (109w x 144h) and uses 17 DMC colors. I would suggest white or cream 14 count Aida.

Click thumbnail to view full-size


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