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Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Bonnets

Updated on December 7, 2015

The Creative Finish Is Limitless Using the Basic Crochet Bonnet Pattern

Create beautiful embellished baby bonnets.
Create beautiful embellished baby bonnets. | Source

How to Crochet an Vintage Style Baby's Bonnet

On this page you will find free crochet patterns for baby bonnets. I have also included links to my favourite go-to patterns. Whether its for a new-born or a christening set, you will be sure to find the perfect pattern here.

These are so easy to make, and can be made in under an hour or so. People love nothing more than seeing babies with these beautiful bonnets out in their prams for a stroll. With the ruffles and feathers blowing in the wind. There is something very modern and cute although they still have a very vintage look about them. Even though people assume they are very advanced crochet work and look rather intricate, you will be surprised just how easy they are to crochet.

Basic Baby Bonnet

Basic Bonnet and Booties set
Basic Bonnet and Booties set | Source

The Basic Baby Bonnet Pattern: Just Add Ruffles or Feathers to Dress It Up

This would be a welcome gift for a newborn, preemie, or a christening.

It is so easy to make and takes no time at all.

I used a 3.50mm hook and baby yarn.

This really is a very easy pattern to get you started crocheting. The basic cap design is the basis of many of my frilly creations. Just let your imagination go mad.

This is also the basic pattern as shown by the white bonnet and booties images. The only difference is that I have added ruffles to the bonnet. Watch the video on this page to see how you can make ruffles along the edges. Easy!

Free Vintage Crochet Bonnet Pattern You Can Add Ruffles Ribbons and Feathers

This is the basic pattern. You can add the ruffles and how ribbons or feathers and decorate it as you feel fit. None of my bonnets are the same, unless mums ask for a specific one I have made.

This is was one of my very first patterns I ever wrote down. I am more than pleased with it. As I say, adding the ruffles and feathers is a personal thing, and you can adorn your hat and make it pretty.

If anyone can help with the correct terminology for the stitches, please feel free to add them in the comments section below.

You should be able to work in front post treble crochet (US terminology)

You will be working with 2 strands together of Baby DK yarn

6 mm hook

Rnd1: create a magic circle

or Ch 4, work into 1st chain created. 14 tr Chain, (ch 4 counts as 1st tr)

14 tr Chain in magic circle (15) slip to join

Rnd2: Chain 3 1tr into base of chain work 2 tr in each around slip to join (30)

Ch 3 TURN (you will now be turning your work)

Row 3: working into front post, *1 tr, 1 front post tr, around next st* repeat around, work until 5 last stitches, ch3 turn

ROW 4: working into front post, 1 tr, 1 front post tr around next st, work until 5 last stitches ch3 turn

ROW 5-7:Work 1tr 1 front post treble for 3 (or for large size 4/5) rows always start with chain 3

ROW 8: (Chain 3, skip front post of previous round and treble into next stitch. This creates the shaping for the front of the bonnet. ) Work 1 tr, skip 1, chain 1, 1tr to last stitch.

(Note with Row 8: With right side facing you and you will be working along every previous treble into the previous rows trebles (NOT the front posts)

Do not fasten off. Work 3 single crochet in corner stitch and work sc around the base neck of bonnet to finish.

SC around the neck and bottom of bonnet to finish.

Weave in ends.

To decorate add on feathers, ribbons and decorate as you wish. Watch the video on how to add ruffles to your bonnet.

Note,d for ruggles and plumes.:

You will be working INTO the ridges made by the front post trebles.

I have provided photos for you to see an undecorated bonnet.

How to Front Post Crochet

Simple Versatile Bonnet

Basic bonnet; you can add and embellish as required.
Basic bonnet; you can add and embellish as required.

This is what the Bonnet looks like before you add on extra ruffles. Instead of the last round, you could finish off with shells.

The possibilities are endless, and you can become very creative, adding on your embellishments.

Crochet Ruffles and Puffs

I get asked all the time how to make the 'poofs' or 'ruffles' on the bonnets. I must admit that in the beginning even I could not work out how to add them, but I found this awesome tutorial on YouTube. Once you watch this video you will be amazed at how easy it is to add those fluffs and ruffles. I now find myself adding ruffles to cardigans, borders to baby blankets hats and many more of my projects to give them that vintage twist.

Now once you have the ruffles on the bonnet, you are just "dressing" the bonnet and finishing with your chosen embellishments.

Soft Shells Bonnet

Baby bonnet shell stitch with matching blanket.
Baby bonnet shell stitch with matching blanket. | Source

Soft Fluffy Feather Trim

There are a few options for your hats. You can buy ostrich feathers with a trim, but they do need to be cut down to a better size. Just hand sew it around your hat.

Or, buy lengths of ribbon and gather around the trim of the bonnet and stitch in place.

White baby cap.
White baby cap.

Beautiful Baby Cap

I love how simple this bonnet works up yet looks so intricate. Making a basic T-shape then adding the frill around the front gives this the vintage feel

What you can make with a Basic baby bonnet pattern and bootie pattern - The possibilities are endless

crochet bonnet and booties set for Baby
crochet bonnet and booties set for Baby | Source

With a little bit of creativeness and adding some ruffles around the bonnet you have made make for some gorgeous creations

I Do NOT have an actual written pattern for the bonnet in the picture, it was made using the pink basic bonnet pattern and I added a simple ruffle around the bonnet and threaded a ribbon around the front.

Beautiful Bonnet in several sizes
Beautiful Bonnet in several sizes

Busting Stitches Candy Puffs Bonnet

I not only love the color of this one, but it is also made in several sizes. I love the pretty ribbon finish and how delicately it frames the face.

This would look perfect on a baby.

Easy Newborn Baby Bonnet

Posh Pooch Designs baby bonnet. Used with permission.
Posh Pooch Designs baby bonnet. Used with permission.

Delightful and easy-to-crochet pattern from Posh Pooch Designs This will really keep baby nice a snugly warm


Vintage Baby Bonnet Pattern

I Used a 3.00mm hook and Baby Double Knit Yarn.

You should be able to work a double crochet crossed stitch).

PATTERN STITCH = Chain 4 sts; * skip 1 st; 1 d c in next 3 sts; 1 d c back into skipped st; repeat from * across row, end with d c in last st. )


Starting at the center back: Chain 3 sts, join with a slip st to form a ring. Make 6 sc into ring.

2nd ROUND: 2 s c in each st.

3rd ROUND: (Mark the beginning of the round with a colored thread.) 1 s c in next st, 2 s c in next st, repeat around once.

4th ROUND: 1 sc in next 2 sts; 2 s c in next st; repeat around once.

Keep increasing 6 sts on a round, having 1 more stitch between each increase until you have 12 sts between each increase. (84 sts).

Chain 1, TURN your work, sc for 70 sts; Chain 4, turn.

Next ROW: work in the PATTERN STITCH (PATTERN STITCH = Chain 4 sts; * skip 1 st; 1 d c in next 3 sts; 1 d c back into skipped st; repeat from * across row, end with d c in last st.).

(17 groups) for 3 1/2 to 4 inches. Work 1 sc in each st across front.

NECK BAND: Tie yarn at corner, s c along neck edge, placing 2 sts on each row across front piece, 1 s c in each st across back section, 2 s c on each row on 2nd front piece. Chain 1, turn and work in s c for 3 more rows. Break yarn.

Weave in all ends and thread through a ribbon around the neck opening.

Free PDF pattern for this gorgeous baby bonnet.
Free PDF pattern for this gorgeous baby bonnet. | Source

More Patterns

So easy to make and so cute. As I work through these I will leave a comment and perhaps include a finished picture of each. This list continues to grow each day as I find more a more beautiful patterns. I will only ever add tried-and-tested patterns I have made by myself.

Pixie Bonnet With Crocodile Stitch face Edging

Beautiful pixie bonnet pattern  with crocodile front edging.
Beautiful pixie bonnet pattern with crocodile front edging. | Source

© 2011 Lisa Auch

Beautiful Crochet Babys Bonnet? I Love When You Tell Me You Have Been Here!

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    • nightbear lm profile image

      nightbear lm 5 years ago

      I can't quite tell if this is made with thread or yarn, But it would work for both. I love the flowers on the rim. beautiful. blessed.

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Love this pattern and thanks so much for sharing. I will use this pattern for my next bonnet (I make blankies and bonnets for newborns at a local hospital.) These are newborns whose families don't have much and who can take the blankies and caps home with them. This is a beautiful pattern that will work out nicely for this project. Blessed.

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

      That is so pretty. I really need to learn how to crochet!

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      Wow, so many free bonnet patterns. These are adorable!

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 5 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      such cute baby bonnet patterns!

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