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Free Fingerless Mitts and Gloves Patterns - How to Knit Stylish Handwarmers

Updated on February 18, 2015

Want a New Pair of Handwarmers?

Let's knit it!

Fingerless gloves or mitts, call them whatever you like; some people call these hand-warmers for they only cover your hand and not the fingers or sometimes half of the fingers. Some of you might call these wrist-warmers for they are long and cover that area, too. But despite the name, these nifty accessories are a must-have for every man and woman who work!

What I don't like about the other gloves is that you can't type (as I'm doing right now), write or even do any of the task which requires control. So, these fingerless ones are the answer. If you're looking for a new pair to knit this winter, start it as soon as possible. Here I'm compiling some easy-to-follow, awesome tutorials which will help you make a pair for everyone at your home!

I try my best to update this page with latest tutorials so check back soon!

Image Source/Credit: Knitty Fetching I do not own this.

Potluck Mittens

This easy pattern is for women's size but these can also make a perfect gift for a child.

Get the pattern HERE

Ruby Cabled Mitts

This pattern is for advance knitters who can do well with cables. Yes I would say give it a try.

Get the pattern HERE

Semplice Fingerless Mitts

These mitts are very easy to make with stockinette stitch and with ribbing to make edges. You'll simply adore these.

Get the pattern HERE

Simple Black Mitts

These easy mitts can be made quickly with just knits and purls pattern.

Get the pattern HERE

Warm Heart Fingerless Mitts

This easy-to-follow pattern makes a pair of stylish hand-warmers long enough to warm up your wrist, too!

Get the free pattern HERE

Hot Pepper Wristwarmers

I simply love this beautiful pair of cute pattered mitts. Will make an awesome gift this season!

Get the pattern HERE

Colorblock Handwarmers

Purl Bee has many amazing tutorials and this one is as easy as the others. If you're a color-blocking lover, don't miss these mitts!

Get the pattern HERE

Camp Out Fingerless Mitts

This easy-to-follow pattern uses just the garter stitch to knit awesome mitt inspired by cool, summer evenings the knitter spent camping out on Oregon’s coast.

Get the pattern HERE *requires free registration*

Maggie’s Mitts

These simple and easy mitts use wide ribbing pattern and double-pointed needle as used for most of the gloves patterns.

Get the pattern HERE

Almeda Fingerless Gloves

These pretty gloves use seed stitches to make an awesome pair.

Get the pattern HERE

Bracken Fingerless Mitts & Gloves

This stylish, contemporary design is on my knitting list and I simply love it!

Get the pattern HERE

Amelia Fingerless Gloves

These cute aqua fingerless gloves use ribbing and garter stitch to end the edges while stockinette in the middle. Easy, simple to make!

Get the pattern HERE

Lush Fingerless Mitts

These adorable fingerless mitts can make a perfect gift for any lady in your life. The cables and ribbing pattern make the pair a treat!

Get the pattern HERE

Two Hour Fingerless Gloves

These easy, quick gloves are so easy to make as the name suggests.

Get the pattern HERE

Alethiometer Mitts

These mitts are inspired by the Lyra's gloves in The Golden Compass movie, and made with diagonal ribbing.

Get the pattern HERE

Purple Fingerless Mittens

Canadian Living magazine has this amazing pattern of simple purple grapes fingerless mitts.

Get the pattern HERE

Mmmalabrigo Fingerless Gloves

Another simple pattern you can knit gloves from for all your family!

Get the pattern HERE

Have you anything to share? - Show your projects, leave feedback or give suggestions to fellow knitters!

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