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Free Cowl Knitting Patterns - How to Knit Nifty Cowls & Neckwarmers

Updated on May 16, 2017

Let's Knit a Cowl!

With winters approaching I'm so excited about knitting, and I mean lots of knitting! If you're looking for what to knit next, I would suggest a cowl or neck-warmer. This is a multi-functional accessory which can be worn around neck, or worn over your head if it's a big one. Mainly it depends on the design but these can be made in a variety of shapes, forms and designs.

I was looking around the web for some cowl patterns and found these free ones amazing! Just wanted to share these with all of you. I hope you enjoy making these and that this page is helpful for you.

I try my best to keep it updated with latest patterns, so visit often :)

Image Source/Credit: Sachiko Uemura's Jeweled Cowl I do not own this.

Barna Cowl

Maria shares her favorite cowl pattern for free for all users of Ravelry. Don't miss it!

Get the pattern HERE *requires free registration*

Malabrigo Neck Warmer

This beautiful cowl is a perfect gift for cold season. It's a bit complex but not impossible to make.

Get the pattern HERE

Easy Seed-stitch Tall Cowl

She knits in with one skein in a night with see-stitch. You're sure to love the tutorial!

Get the pattern HERE

Easy Striped Cowl

Looking for a men's cowl that's easy to knit? This pattern is just perfect!

Get the pattern HERE

You'll need some knitting needles...

Amazon is a great place if you're looking for some pieces to make your knitting kit.

Eve Cowl

This easy garter stitch cowl is so cute and easy to make.

Get the free pattern HERE

Mom’s Red Cowl

It's an amazing pattern + tutorial to help you knit a cute red cowl in brioche stitch. A perfect gift for mom!

Get the pattern HERE

Rosebud Cowl

This free pattern includes cowl with matching hat in garter stitch and cable edging. Can make a perfect gift for anyone.

Get the pattern HERE

Super Easy Beginner’s Knitting Cowl

Are you looking for a beginner's cowl pattern which is easy to follow? Don't miss this, take my word!

Learn the pattern HERE

Willow Cowl

This pretty cowl is made with just one skein of yarn and is a combination of basic knit-purl stitches.

Get the free pattern HERE *requires free registration*

Turquoise Garter Stitch Cowl Knitting Pattern

Another easy garter stitch cowl in pretty turquoise yarn.

Get your free pattern HERE

Mochi Plus Zig Zag Cowl

Have some multi-colored yarn left from various projects? Make this rainbow zig zag cowl with these.

Get the free pattern HERE

Bubblegum Cowl

This cute bubblegum cowl takes only one skein of yarn to make including gauge swatches and it's very easy to make too.

Get the free pattern HERE

And you need yarn!

Looking for the yarn for your cowls? Amazon has a variety of yarn from many brands.

The Cable and Seed Stitch Cowl

Want to combine two patterns to make this pretty cowl? Do it now!

Get the free pattern HERE

Shelter Valley Cowl

This easy stockinette stitch cowl is made with just one skein. The pattern is available in PDF format to be downloaded.

Get the pattern HERE

BFF Cowl

Feeling adventurous and need a two-colored pretty cowl to make one for yourself and one for your friend? This pattern is just for you!

Get the free pattern HERE

Four Seasons Cowl

This easy loosely-knit cowl can be worn in any season for it's not too warm for summers and springs too.

Get it's free pattern HERE

Woven Cowl

A refreshing buttoned cowl which is nice knit for an advance knitter. One of my personal favorites.

Get the pattern HERE *requires free registration*

Sportmate Cowl

Make this cute lace-style cowl for yourself or any other lady in your life. She'll surely love it.

Get the free pattern HERE *requires free registration*

Some knitting books to help you out...

As a beginner you can get through a book to learn new techniques, patterns and other knitting skills. Here are a few good ones...

Zig cowl

This chunky cowl is made with 3 skeins and is perfect last-minute gift for any occasion.

Get the free pattern HERE

Coastal Cowl

You can make this pretty coastal cowl three ways and each one is fab. Makes easily to my knitting list.

Get the free pattern HERE

Pretty Garter Stitch Cowl

This is a very simple cowl you can make easily. The webpage is in French but there is a link to instructions in English in PDF format.

Get the pattern HERE

Drop Stitch Cowl

Another trendy cowl on my knitting list. I love its texture and this lady has a lot of cowls for sale at her Etsy shop if you're interested in buying a ready-made.

Get the free pattern HERE

Spin-a-round Neckwarmer

This super-chunky cowl uses Italian origin knitting pattern you'll surely love.

Get the free pattern HERE

Colorplay cowl

Svetlana calls it a one skein and one evening pattern and it looks best if made with dyed yarn.

Get your free pattern HERE *requires free registration*

I'll really appreciate if you show us a knitting project you recently finished!

Do you have some knitting experience to share? - Any tips, tricks, patterns, word of advice?

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    • spider-girl profile image

      spider-girl 3 years ago

      @Nimblepins: Great to know! It's on my 'to-knit list' as well. Thanks for stopping by :)

    • Nimblepins profile image

      Nimblepins 3 years ago

      Hi there! You've got some beautiful patterns here. I haven't knitted a cowl yet, but keep meaning to. They always look great and I think are pretty easy to wear (no tying).

    • spider-girl profile image

      spider-girl 5 years ago

      @tamjo5: Best of luck for your knitting projects! It's fun and I hope you master it soon :) If you've got any request for patterns or just want to learn something do let me know!

    • profile image

      tamjo5 5 years ago

      I am just learning to knit. I have not mastered any part of it, but once I do knitting a cowl and then a baby blanket are two projects I will be asking my knitting friends to guide me through. Thank you for a great Lens.