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Free Metal Textures - 10 Favorites For Photoshop

Updated on January 17, 2018

Graphic designers, web deisgners, and graphic artists in general know that having a large selection of texture files makes their job easier. High resolution texture vector files can readily be downloaded for free, these are 10 of the most often used free metal textures available. I've had them in my collection a long time and use them the most so I thought I'd share them with everyone.

#1 - Galvanized Metal Texture

#2 - Dark Brushed Metal

#3 - Brushed Metal Steel

#4 - Aluminum Grill Texture

#5 - Light Brushed Metal

#6 - Brushed Dark Steel

#7 - Iron Metal Grate

#8 - Metal Shavings Texture

#9 - Rust Metal Texture

#10 - Oxidized Iron Texture

Metal Texture Tutorial - Learn To Make Your Own!

What are Metal Texture Files and Why Do I Need Them?

Metal textures have a range of appearances from a clean brushed look to rusty and dated textures. If you need an edgy look to complete your graphic design project it's hard to beat brushed steel or silver/aluminum reflective designs. These are easy to integrate in web design projects or use as attractive backgrounds, the choice is yours. 3d modeling is now commonplace in game design and metal textures are always highly effective and sought after.

My photoshop skills are advanced yet I still rely heavily on vectored texture files to save time. I think everyone should be looking to add to their design tools whenever they find cool and interesting examples. I hope you liked these too!

About Metal Background and Metal Texture Files

Subtle changes in appearance can absolutely and completely change the look and feel of a graphic design. The actual number of different metal texture appearances is infinite but designers will typically group files into the following sub-categories.

  • Metal Texture
  • Steel Texture
  • Aluminum Texture
  • Iron Texture
  • Brushed Steel Texture
  • Brushed Metal Texture
  • Stainless Steel texture
  • ... and more

With so many possible variations it's good to have these files just to quickly see what a design might look like before commiting to creating a new look. If you have experience using metal texture files in your graphic designs I'd love to hear which specific type of textures you use most. I'm always looking to add to my collection!

Game Graphics Have Come A Long Way Since Pong!

Did you know?

As the number of people going online via desktop computer climbed exponentially websites were able to incorporate more elaborate looks and feels by incorporating textures and background images. As the use of mobile devices continues to increase it has surpased the desktop computer in terms of use.

This presented web designers with two new problems. Textures slowed down mobile load times and smaller screens made seeing the designs more problematic. The internet went white! Websites shed their detailed graphics to make mobile devices load more quickly and look clean.

That is changing again, slowly. Mobile devices are becoming more powerful and have larger screens. Connectivity speeds are always increasing and once again the color is returning to website design. Are you ready to add a touch of textural color to your mobile designs again?

Which Type of Texture Is Your Favorite in Graphic Design Projects?

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    • Deborah Minter profile image

      Deborah Minter 5 weeks ago from U.S, California

      Nice textures!


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