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Free Printable Calendars & Templates for 2013 & 2014 - Monthly and Yearly

Updated on January 4, 2014

Know the date!

If you are like me and always mess up the dates you need a calendar, there's no doubt about it. Now I do not need a fancy one from the store I prefer to print it at home but I want it to be of top notch quality. And that's why I compiled a list free printable yearly or monthly calendars for 2013 & 2014? I searched the internet to bring to you the best of the best out there (and keep on adding them) so you don't have to! If it's free it doesn't need to look cheap don't you agree?

Browse through monthly and yearly calendars get the design (or blank template) that suits your needs or your personality the best, print it and use it. I have researched all of the desings I am linking to on this page so you can be sure there are no hidden cost (I hate when something is promoted as free and in the end they want you to buy something to get something free)

You will also find coloring calendars for kids which I think are great to use to help the kids learn the months. They will connect the seasons to the months and have fun doing it.

Do check back soon to find new calendars!

Photo Credit:Public Domain (click to get this design)

Larger photos are used with permission or are mine, thumbnail photos comply with the TOS or are used as fair use.

What kind of a calendar are you looking for

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Hearts for 2014

This is the first calendar I made for 2014 a simple yearly calendar which you are free to use for personal use.

Free Printable Coloring Calendars for Kids 2014 - Time to sharpen the coloring pens

Kids love to color! These are a great way to showcase their work of art whole year round.

Get them from Itsy Bitsy Fun

Yearly Calendars

Free Floral, Fun and Colorful Yearly Calendars for 2013

Keeping an eye on the whole year

Don't like the monotonous calendar to hang on your wall? Thanks to the good creative people around the world who are willing to share their work for free you have tons of gorgeous designs to choose from - you can get floral designs, beautiful art, cats,... You name it!

As a cat person myself I really like the first one that has a cat on it. I also like the colors on that one.

Wonderful CatGet Calendar

ColorfulGet Calendar

GrafittiGet Calendar

Flower MeadowGet Calendar

FloralGet Calendar

VintageGet Calendar

Free Printable Yearly Calendar Templates for 2013

Why not have the whole year in one place? You can get loads of free downloadable calendars for 2013, you can go with the simple black and white design in portrait, landscape and other formats and you can get more colorful ones - whatever you like.

Blank Ones

What's great about these specific calendars is that you can select a start and end date by yourself!

Moustache for 2014

Another work of mine you are free to use for personal purposes!

Monthly Calendars

Monthly Calendars for Kids

Think monthly is better than yearly? Well there are lots of great looking monthly calendars for you to grab for free.

My calendars

The following monthly calendars are my little creations and you are free to use them for your personal use! Like them? Do let me know in the comments at the end of the page.

To save them to your computer hover your mouse over the picture and right-click and choose save image as.

January 2014












Calendars were made using public domain template and edited with Picmonkey online editing software.


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    • profile image

      Nitin 2 years ago

    • profile image

      Eman 2 years ago

      Hi Geninne! I look forward to your cadnelars every month! Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork this way - it's a treat! Would you be willing to share what you use to create and share your calendar? I would love to do this for my photography clients. I understand your busy, but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. My internet searches are coming up short for a clear answer to this query. Thanks again! Love love love your stuff! ~Julie

    • profile image

      RuralFloridaLiving 4 years ago

      I was just telling myself that I needed to get one of these this week. Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      ConvenientCalendar 4 years ago

      Great selection! Thank you for sharing!