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Free Printable Number Stencils

Updated on November 3, 2015

Number Stencils To Print For Kids, Crafts And Decorators

Free printable number stencils should be really free, which means you don't have to buy them. We shouldn't be spending money for anything that is also freely available, unless the commercial one is much better in quality than the free one.

And the truth is, there are so many beautiful patterns, templates and designs that people donate freely to the community at large, that pay for something similar is almost a sacrilege.

Another question that always comes up is why make your own free stencils when buying them is so much easier. Well, because this gives people quality time to spend together - be it as parents with kids or teachers with students. The stencils are are a great way to teach preschoolers to count and get familiar with numbers in general, you can use them in various crafts, in décor, in making creative house numbers, in business, along with board displays and tracings as well.

I've even used them in making parchment craft birthday cards in tracing the numbers, which equaled to the age of the person having the birthday.

Here you will be able to get free number stencils to print due to the many resources I have gathered - all for free for personal use. You can also buy some if you decide that the free ones are not enough, just scroll down towards the bottom of the page for the offers.

Photo by gokoroko with additions by me

Great Resources For Stencils That Are Totally Free

There are many great resources to numbers in various interesting fonts and types to be found online, however cruising the hundreds of websites in search for the few good ones that you actually need can be a tedious process. That's why I collected for you some of the best patterns and stencils that are actually free with no strings attached.

The links are to free downloadable and printable stencils, unless I specifically mention it otherwise. Please do not use the downloaded number stencils for commercial purposes.

You can make use of them to create your own stencils for various DIY projects, from painting your kids' walls to using them in scrapbooking, or making greeting cards and various invitations - birthday party invitations, wedding invitations, and so many more.

There are tons of great ideas on how to use them and if you have found them useful for one of our project, please let me know in the Guestbook section below.

Have fun with downloading them, printing them out and using them in creative ways in your crafts.

Regular Free Stencils

Free Printables In Normal Fonts

If you're looking for regular font stencils with numbers, fonts including Arial, Times New Roman and similar ones that we all know and love, here are a few handpicked pages that have downloadable stencils to use. You can either print them our or save them to your pc to use later on.

Yes, I'm a DIY person and I love crafting, so this suits me well

Yes, I'm a DIY person and I love crafting, so this suits me well

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    Is It Worth Spending The Time Too Create These Templates?

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      • Barbie 24 months ago

        The correct word above is "to" not "too". The word "too" means also.

      If You Don't Want To Spend Your Time Printing Stencils - Here you can find a few for quite cheap

      I like buying my stencils at Amazon. While I do crafts and printing stencils is not a problem for me, sometimes I do miss the high quality plastic or other sturdy material that is professionally done and can last me for a long time.

      Delta Creative Stencil Mania Stencils, 3-Inch, 97104 Just Numbers
      Delta Creative Stencil Mania Stencils, 3-Inch, 97104 Just Numbers

      The Delta Creative Stencil includes only numbers (no letters), each measuring 3 inches. Very easy to use. The stencil is made of quality plastic.

      number stencils
      number stencils

      Ideas To Use The Stencils For Your Projects

      If you like crafts and you have made your own stencils with numbers (or letters), there are some great ways you can use them.

      * One of the most obvious ones is to use them to paint the walls with. Since these are numbers, they won't be so great for painting the living room walls, but they make great wall decorations on the kids walls. For example every year let the children paint their age on the wall of their bedrooms. Show them how to hold the stencil and how to paint, and let them do it - if they screw up, no problem, there is more paint where the first brush stroke came from.

      * You can also add them to the walls in the classroom for kids to learn counting, adding and subtracting numbers from each other. A great learning tool. Make quizzes and let groups of children solve them by adding the painted resulting numbers on the walls.

      * How about using these with other shaped stencils and personalized greeting cards or scrapbook pages? For example I created several greeting parchment cards where I use numbers to congratulate a friend on their birthday - or for the couple's X year anniversary. Afterall stencils come in all sorts of sizes, not only large ones, but also very tiny, suitable for paper crafts.

      Image credits: Flickr Creative Commons

      Have You Ever Created Your Own Stencils?

      Have You Ever Created Your Own Stencils?

      See results

      Fancy Numbers

      Free Printable Number Stencils In Fancy Fonts

      How about some fancy fonts that are on the unusual side? I've selected a few sites for you which have all free stencils with rather interesting fonts that definitely catch the eyes. Have fun print these out and use them in your crafts or home décor projects.

      Printable Numbers And Letters Stencil Sets At Amazon

      You might want a mix of letters and numbers for more interesting ideas and creative connections, so here are a few stencils that I found on Amazon, a site that I fully trust to make my own online shopping. The quality of these stencils is great and they're extremely reasonably priced as well.

      SEPTLS33710014 - C.H. Hanson 15 Piece Single Number Sets - 10014
      SEPTLS33710014 - C.H. Hanson 15 Piece Single Number Sets - 10014

      Gorgeous gothic style stencils with numbers and letters included. You get 15 pieces of 4 inch each. You can make some really great designs with these.


      Make Your Own

      Learn To Make Your Own Number Stencils With These Tutorials

      Free online tutorials on how to make your own number stencils. Personally checked each link and the tutorials are free and easy to use.

      So why making your own stencils instead of buying them? Well, first of all they don't cost money. Sure, it costs some of your time to do them, but crafting is always fun, especially if you get to do with a family member, like your kids. Also it's a great way to spend time when you have let's say nothing better to do - better than sitting on the couch watching a boring TV sitcom.

      How Too Print Out Your Re-usable Stencils

      Once you found the relevant stencil that you saved to your computer (you can also print it directly, but I prefer to save it to the pc so it becomes reusable and I don't lose it when I want to find it a again later on), it's time to actually bring it to paper format.

      Here are the steps to do it:

      First print out your image on a regular size paper. Normally the stencils you download should easily fit a regular size paper.

      Next you need something that will work as a stencil sheet - something sturdy enough that you can use as backing for your printout. You will basically glue the paper to the cardboard or plastic material to be able to cut it better in the next step. I usually use painter's tape for this job of gluing one piece to the other.

      As a next step, you will cut out the whole thing to the right size and shape using an exacto knife (at least this is what I found works best to cut the piece, much better than a pair of scissors or other knife).

      Finally you are now ready to unglue the plastic backing from the paper, and now you have the final stencil ready to use in your craft or DIY project at home.

      Printing Your Own Stencils With Numbers

      How to Paint a Wall Using Paint by Numbers

      Stencil Tools For Various Project Types

      While you might be making your own stencils, when you're ready to apply them to the wall or use them in your various projects, you need some tools that will make your life easier. Here are some of the tools I know people use regularly when it comes to stenciling as DIY crafts or home redecorating.

      Wall Lenk L12SCK Cutlass Stencil Cutting Kit
      Wall Lenk L12SCK Cutlass Stencil Cutting Kit

      This is a great stencil kit including a pencil style tool and 2 extra cutting tips in case you need more. You also get a useful tool stand and an edge remover disk. One tip you should keep in mind is that when you cut your stencils you should use a hard surface beneath.


      Stencil Books

      Useful Stencil Books Worth Checking Out

      I love collecting books of all kinds (not only fiction books) and here are some that I can recommend as great for stenciling. Some are perfect for wall décor, others have actual stencil designs within the book that you can cut out and use in your projects. Yet others have tips and ideas that can be used to make the best of our hobby, craft or home decor project.

      More Free Printables For You

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      Have You Ever Made Your Own Number Stencils?

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          Nice lens! Creative and informative :)

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          Free printable number fonts and more....very pleasingly displayed!

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          Thank you, thank you! I can use one of these free printable number stencils as a template on my next fondant cake.

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          This lens is really useful, thank you for sharing ... I saw that you have a Free Printable Alphabet Stencils lens too, when i finish here I'll definitely take a peak to that lens too.

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