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Make your own friendship bands

Updated on January 23, 2015

A friend

A friend is that person whom you cannot explain in your just with few words. But still you briefly say a friend is one with whom you can share anything and everything that is going on in your mind which sometimes cannot even be shared with your relatives, A friend is that person who goes hand in hand with you in the times of happiness as well as sadness. This is the for all the people with such friends who has been a very precious and priceless part of their lives. I must say, the first poem i wrote was for my friend with whom I spent my childhood but gradually because of some differences or maybe I can't really make out the reason, we got separated without any fight or even misunderstanding, strange though I still miss her a lot. That was when I wrote this poem. It goes like this:

Oh dear friend!

How can I say you

That I m always missing you

Remember the days, we were together

Bad people's enter made us go very far

I have a fear that I'll miss you forever

My heart knows this for sure

Though your are far, yet so near

The materials required to make friendship bands

Here are the materials you need to make some of the simple and pretty bands for friendship day. get them and get started. You can use any kind of beads you have and your preferable colored wool threads.

Simple knot friendship bands

This is very simple to make and require less than 5min to make a band.

You'll need wool of length about 30-32cm and beads.

First take two are three different colored wool of the same size and tie a knot together at one end about 2cm from the corner, add a bead of your choice. Insert the bead to one thread or all the threads and bring it near the knot and tie a second knot leaving a gap of about 1 or 2cm. Add another bead and tie another knot. Continue this step until you reach the end of the thread.

Your knot friend band is ready to tie.

You can also make it with a single thread as you can see one in the diagram above. For this, you need to tie a knot a little away from the middle and add pretty beads and then tie another knot next to the beads so that they don't fall off.

Heart to heart though apart, my love to you will never depart

Heart to heart though apart, my love to you will never depart
Heart to heart though apart, my love to you will never depart

woolen plait band

This kind of a friendship band looks good easy to make and is my favorite. We used to spend most of the day before friendship day making these bands. For making this you'll need wool of your favorite colors, beads and a little working mind :).

Here's how you start:

Cut the woolen thread about 30-32cm of three colors, two threads each or according to the size of band required and put a knot at one end as shown in the picture below.

Start making the plait of three legs using two threads for each leg having same color.

If you find it difficult to plait directly, you can hold the woolen thread near the top of the knot by using a writing pad clip and start doing the plait. If you don't know how a plait is made, you can follow the video below.

When you reach halfway, you can insert a bead from one strand so that the beads will be in the place in the band and continue till the end.

Tie a knot at the end of the strands.

Your friendship band is ready.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Here's the video instruction for making of the plait band

Hope this video gives a clear idea about the method of making the band.

Here are some bands that I made for this friendship day

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Share something about your friends - and your experiences together

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