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George Stuart Historical Figures

Updated on January 27, 2015

Historical Figures That Speak To Us.

Recently I was going through some personal papers that accumulated due to a move, and I came across a museum notice that encouraged me to share this great collection of figurines and the talent of their creator. The collection, when I first viewed it, was located in the Ventura County Museum, Ventura, California. Just prior to moving, the county was remodeling, so I am not sure of its status today. Upon research, I was able to find a lot to share regarding the art form and the man behind the historical figures. I hope viewers of this lens truly enjoy this addition to history.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet George Stuart.

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His academic career was frustrated by dyslexia, a condition not recognized in those days.

George In His Studio

George's studio is located in Ojai, California.

George Stuart monologue - The Russians Part I - Ivan the Terrible

Interview with artist, historian George Stuart

Shopping On-line

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October 7, 2012 at Ventura, Ca

Dec 11,

The Historical Figures of

George S. Stuart that represent

important characters of the

American Revolution, the

American Civil War and a few of their

European counterparts.

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References for Your Enjoyment

I proclaim this to be some of the best links.

James Madison Had A Plan (One of my favorite figures)

James Madison Had A Plan (One of my favorite figures)
James Madison Had A Plan (One of my favorite figures)

What Constitutes Fine Art?

In the opinion of George Stuart,"...the fine arts market (collectors and galleries) will never accept anything that is associated with 'dolls' as 'fine art'!"

Revolutionary Founders

Revolutionary Founders
Revolutionary Founders

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