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Ribbon Organization -Tips and Ideas

Updated on August 19, 2019
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Where Is The Ribbon In Your Craft Space

Have you found yourself in the middle of a project trying to find just the right piece of ribbon ?

I know that there was a time that I was so frustrated trying to find the one ribbon that I wanted in a mess of pieces in a shoe box or a zip lock bag. I wasted too much of my precious craft time finding the right piece of ribbon.

it was then that I decided to get myself organized. Now I go to my system and find the right piece of ribbon in less than five minutes.

Gathering Your Ribbon-Sorting It All Out

The first step to organizing your ribbon, is to get it all together in one space to see exactly what you have.

Find all your spools and bits in one location, Spread every ribbon spool and bit of ribbon on a bed or on the floor.

First organize all of your ribbons by color, Just pile them up by color and pattern. Decide if you want to keep the patterned ribbon with the matching color or in a pile of it's own.

You could decide to keep all the polka dot ribbons together, all the stripped ribbons, ect.

Now you are ready to decide on the storage that is right for your craft space.

Getting Your Ribbon Oragnized

So we all collect ribbon. And when I see a sale on ribbon I tend to buy some to keep on hand. The best time to buy seasonal ribbon is when it is on sale right after the season is over. Many of us keep all kinds of ribbon on hand for when we need it. I never, ever throw bits of ribbon away. If you have lots of ribbon on hand then you need to keep it neat and organized. These organizers will help you do that. Determine if you want vertical or horizontal storage. Will you use a wall mount system or more of a box system. Your decision will depend on how much space you want to a lot to your storage

Vertical Option One

There are quite a few options when it comes to arranging your ribbons vertically, The first thing that comes to mind is a paper towel holder that is on a stand. Yes, that would be the logical solution, however, you would need a very thin upright to be able to stack those ribbon spools. Another thought on using paper towel holders is that the cost might range from $15.00 a piece. That seems like a lot.

Instead, purchase some dowels and some small pieces of trim. Add some decorative trim on top that you can remove. Paint them a color to match your craft space and you are good to go.

Dollar Store Container And Dowels

Who does not love the dollar store when it comes to getting the answer to our storage solutions. This idea will cost you just a few dollars. Get one of those dollar store containers with the multiple holes in them. Purchase some thin dowels and cut to fit through the longer side of the container and part way out. You only need two dowels for each container. Thread the ribbon spools on top of the dowels, Thread the dowel through the ends and you are good to go.

Another Ribbon Storage Trick

Use paper clips or low tack tape to keep your ribbon from unraveling off the spool

Pants And Skirt Hangers For Storing Ribbon

You may have one of these in your home already and could easily re-purpose it. Pants hangers come as one pair and multi pairs. If you are like me, you have lots of ribbon laying around. So I would tend to want to use multi-pair pants hangers,

Just thread them onto the dowels and connect. This is a perfect alternative for closet and behind a doorway ribbon organizing.

Tension Rod Ribbon Organizer

Use a tension rod to hold your ribbon spools or ribbon ring. They come in several sizes and work perfectly in a closet or resting on some large command hooks

Using Command Hooks

Command Bath Large Designer Hook With Water-Resistant Adhesive, 5 lb Capacity, 1 Hook, 2 Strips, 17083B-ES,Bath - White
Command Bath Large Designer Hook With Water-Resistant Adhesive, 5 lb Capacity, 1 Hook, 2 Strips, 17083B-ES,Bath - White
I love the command hooks for all kinds of organization in my craft space. They are very effective for the back of doors, where you probably have unused space. You can mount all kinds of curtain rods to hold your ribbon spools. Or you can use dowels also. Simply measure the distance between your dowel or curtain rod. Apply the command hook and you are good to go. The best thing about these hooks is that they are easy to remove.

Vintage Suitcase Storage

If you have a vintage suitcase, why not use it to store your ribbon spools? It is easy to carry, keeps your ribbon clean and will stack on a shelf

Create A Ribbon Wreath

All this project requires is a foam wreath in any size that fits your space. You simply tie the ribbon around the wreath keeping like colors together and hang !

Jars Filled With Tongue Depressors

If you have a tall and wide covered jar with a lid, you have a perfect solution to your ribbon storage needs. Just get some tongue depressors. Wrap your ribbon around them. Secure with some washi or other low tack tape. Not only do you have a nice way to store your ribbon, but you have a colorful decorative piece for your craft space.

You cam\n also use peg clothes pins to wrap the ribbon around.

If you have a large collection of ribbon, you can color code your jars. One specific color in each jar. Would look very pretty on a shelf.

Soda Dispenser Storage

An old soda straw dispenser will hold spools and bits of ribbon around the core

Old Cassette Tape Holder

You can often find these at your local thrift store, at a yard sale, or even in the attic or basement of one of your older relatives. . They are usually very reasonably priced. They come in wood or plastic. You can use them upright or flat. They come in all kinds of sizes. You will want to get the one that will fit your present and future needs. After all, who does not need or want more ribbon

Clear Plastic Containers

Use the clear plastic containers that berries and other fruits come in to store small bits of ribbon. It is a nice recycling idea and you will be able to see inside the container. They will stack nicely

If you do not have a large amount of room in your craft space, this simple basket gets the job done.
If you do not have a large amount of room in your craft space, this simple basket gets the job done.

How About A Tackle Box ?

A tackle box has lots of small compartments that will hold little bits of ribbon

Rings Of Ribbon

There are plastic ribbon organizers hat will hold your ribbon on them. They make it easy to organize each spool that you have. Hold the ribbon on with some low tack or washi tape.

Now you can take this project one step further and create something unique that will help you find the exact color ribbon you need. Find yourself some 3" book rings. You can find these in stores like Staples.

Sort the ribbon organizers by color and place them on the book rings. You can mount them on a wall. You can also thread them through a curtain rod or thin bath rod that has been mounted on a wall.

Ribbon Hand Rack Storage

A common hand towel rack will hold lots of spools of ribbon, Perfect for a desk display !

Ribbon Folders

Take regular file folders and label them with a color or pattern. Wrap the ribbon on each folder and secure with a piece of low tack tape. They can be filed in a box or a file drawer

© 2019 Linda F Correa

We Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts And Ideas On Ribbon Storage

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  • linfcor profile imageAUTHOR

    Linda F Correa 

    9 months ago from Spring Hill Florida

    There are as many different ways to keep your ribbon organized as there are colors of ribbon itself. Your solution depends on the amount of ribbon you have and the space to hold all of them We wanted to offer different ideas to help you get the rob done.

  • VirginiaLynne profile image

    Virginia Kearney 

    9 months ago from United States

    Great ideas! I will be back to try some of them! I like the fact that you give a variety of ideas for different situations.

  • profile image


    9 months ago

    Ribbon! The wild wonderful stuff dreams are made of! :) How unruly it gets if allowed to ramble about on it own but what a happy thing to have it on hand! Love your hanging ribbon storage project. Thanks for sharing it and these other ideas. I like yours best because it keeps them on the ready but out of the way, it would be easy to adjust space between the rolls and would be easy to dust.


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