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Updated on November 14, 2016

Where Did We Get The Sparkle?

The beautiful sparkle (probably Mica) that would relate to primitive glitter was found on cave paintings and used by ancient civilizations. If you remember seeing that sparkle in the dirt when you were a kid, you were probably told that was called fools silver but really was mica. Another rock that has a similar sparkle to it is pyrite, known as fools gold. Mica is a silicate mineral. It is used in so many different things. It is ground very fine and added to paint that is applied to cars. The word origin itself is interesting. Per the Wikipedia: "Mica" is derived from the Latin word mica, meaning "a crumb", and probably influenced by micare, "to glitter".

Glitter has also been identified as being made from insects, such as beetles and from glass. Glitter (similar to as we know it today) was invented by a Machinist Henry Ruschmann of Bernardsville, New Jersey, in 1934. He devised a way to grind up plastics to make his glitter. Today we find glitter on clothing, in makeup, in finger nail polish, shoes and other apparel, spray to apply to hair, paint and various paper products.


Another type of form of glitter being used is on food. Although it is not glitter as we use on non-food items, we see everything from cupcakes, to various frostings and decorative culinary items. Edible glitter or cake sparkles provides for a wide variety of decorating styles putting a new meaning to holidays cookies and wedding cakes.

Another great creation is the glittering of on-line art. I have enhanced my lens utilizing such art. I would like to give credit to:



For those of you who decorate with glitter, be sure to check out my "link" module because I have posted some excellent links with great ideas utilizing glitter.

So on this journey we will look at some of the wonderful creations that have been inspired by good old Glitter! Come shine with me.

We can give credit to these great companies who contributed to great make-up introducing shimmering powders, lipsticks, eye shadows and other body decorations: Revlon, Este Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, and Helena Rubinstein.

Newer companies to look for:

Just to name a few (just sharing but not an endorsement)

Oh How The Glitter Flows

With Every Good Fun Comes a Little Dueling? - I want to know and maybe you do to - is glitter makeup going to hurt your eyes?

Maybe only time will tell - but I would like to hear from my friends on this one. Anything that is that close to the eye - well, it reminds of the first time I tried contact lenses 40+ year ago. I had gotten some small particle under my eye and the eye doctor said to me, "What have you been doing? Your eyes look likes they were in a sand storm - pitted? Wow, and I didn't even volunteer for that.

What's your opinion???

Will eye glitter eventually hurt the eyes? - Glitter Graphics - Facebook Layouts - Facebook Covers

A fun way to brighten up your email or lens......check it out

Rose, rose I love you

A Rose

A rose to rise

A rose to fall

A rose to conquer all

Thorns that hurt

Thorns that protect

poem hunter

Just look at us shine

I Love You comments & graphics

This is a fun place to visit. They have a easy way to make a pic with glitter - html codes and all - free - fun to try (see the teddy on this page). Lots of subjects to select from and so many colors.

Glitter up with Photos

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Edible CK Products Glitter Flakes
Edible CK Products Glitter Flakes
Edible CK Products Glitter Flakes
Kisses for you
Kisses for you

Kisses for You


Put some sparkle on those feet!

Beautiful shoes for weddings, proms, that special night out.

Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.

— Paris Hilton

Love to hear from all of you.


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    • Adventuretravels profile image

      Giovanna Sanguinetti 3 years ago from Perth UK

      If it were up to me the whole everything would be made of glitter! I love it. Nice hub!