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Gothic Fantasy Wallpapers of Women in Fog

Updated on August 18, 2015

Gothic Fantasy Art of Women Surrounded by Fog and Trees

For many people the idea of women, trees and fog are among the best elements to create awesome horror of fright scenes, which when done right, as in the wallpapers included here, immediately generate that sense of foreboding as people project themselves immediately into the scene.

Combine that with some darker Gothic elements and the images resulting from those creations are compelling and can't be viewed or visually interacted with in a neutral manner. That's why they make such a powerful impact.

That's what we'll be talking about in this article, as the inclusion of these on our computers or smaller screens are always relevant because they reflect a darker side of life and people that has the potential to birth and grow from a small seed into a full-blown monstrosity if left unattended.

Consequently, when we see women walking in fog and the accompanying and immediate feeling of vulnerability from the unknown that could be dwelling there, it makes us all think of the fragility of life and the dangers we all face on a daily basis. These types of images serve as reminders of that reality, and that even when things may appear safe and secure outwardly, you never know what is lurking on the inside of people, hidden by the fog and trees of the outward appearance.

Besides all that, Gothic wallpapers with fog, trees and a woman walking in the midst of it is just a pretty cool image. But the reason for that is because of what is already mentioned.

Woman Walking in the Midst of the Dark, Fog and Trees

This first Gothic fantasy image of a woman walking the midst of trees and fog is awesomely done. Even the pose she's striking as she's walking makes one wonder what she's thinking and why she appears to be going on into the mist. It seems she is very oblivious to her surroundings and may be nervous but not fearful.

The sense is she must continue on to meet some unknown fate, and so gathering herself together she continues to move forward as her heart increases it rhythm in unison with her understanding the longer she walks to closer she gets to whatever it is she faces.

Gnarled trees are an excellent choice for these works, and they really add the ominous sense that something is wrong with the environment that a person has found themselves in.

The light reflecting in the midst of the trees is a nice touch, as is that terrific street light seemingly placed in the middle of nowhere, implying this course was set for her and nothing was going to hinder her from having to walk it. It's a very cool Gothic wallpaper.

Also very interesting is what looks like a ephemeral face just to the right of the shepherds hook and in the corner. That is the brightest part of the image and evidently means this is the malevolent creature or a servant of it beckoning this young woman on.


Woman in Misty Forest

This reflects a similar situation and crisis as faced by the woman in the first Gothic wallpaper, with the exception this one seems to be about to reach the destination she has been walking towards, as evidenced by the thickening forest, as the trees draw closer in with to one another, and also by the black essence right in front of her which can't be identified buy is readily seen.

It may be nothing, but it could be everything.

Having the trees remain dark and gloomy while attempting to hide the light from the falling sun creates a fantastic scene which says this place is one that takes away all light and joy. You sure get that felling when looking at it.


Woman in Foggy Night at Door

Here is an interesting Gothic fantasy wallpaper in that it leaves you uncertain as to whether she is the source of evil or if evil caught her before she escapes through the door. It's hard to tell if she's has just come through the door and is about to close it or if she has just started opening it but has been startled by something that she is now looking behind her to see.

A couple of other things that also make it hard to know is the type of cloak and hood she is wearing, which some powerful vampires have been known to wear, along with the lantern on the ground which points to the fact that she appears to have let it down purposefully and without a hurry or care.

But since she's looking behind her, that may have happened just before she discovered whatever it is she is looking at.

Another factor is this is obviously a door that evidently magically transports someone to another location, as there is nothing behind it. That could mean she could be a woman of magic powers, which could account for her lack of fear.

In the end this is a puzzle as far as the content of the wallpaper goes but it is still an amazing image that would be great to have on a computer.

Red Headed Woman Sitting by Lake

It creates a unique visual to have a dark and misty lake with a even more dark forest background and then to have this woman sitting on the shore of the lake with that loud, red hair.

My first impression when seeing this is she's the type that likes to live near the edge of danger, but knows the boundaries she has set for herself and stays on the edge of it without entering in.

That could be confirmed by her sitting on the solid rock which could be interpreted to mean she is insistent and disciplined to stay within the parameters of life she lives by.


Woman in Dark, Misty Forest

With this last Gothic wallpaper it descends to a different feel with the woman looking like she has resigned herself to her fate, and so has lost the will to battle or fight the circumstances she faces. Even her face has a slightly sad look to it as if she has lost control of her life and is simply walking wherever it may take here whether she wants to go there or not. As a matter of fact it appears she doesn't even care about that from the posture she's taken and the look on her face.

It's scenes like this one that makes me such a fan of Gothic art, because it explores and examines not just evil in the sense of outside enemies that may be out to do you harm, but just as much some of the inner struggles that attempt to drag you down and keep your heart from being lifted up.

Another powerful element of the art is that even in most of the darkest situations there is usually at least a little light somewhere to be seen, which points to the reality that it's never to late to follow the light and escape from enemies that are without and within.


Gothic Wallpapers of Woman in Dark Situations

As mentioned throughout this article, Gothic art in general, and Gothic art using dark scenarios which include forests, fog, mist and women, is a powerful way to express and convey the idea that there is darkness in the world and even if we're immersed in an environment and situation that looks impossible to escape out of, there is always a way out if we look for the positive and light to guide our path.

It even points to the possibility that there is a darkness within ourselves that is eating away and hindering us, and even possibly doing the same to others.

Wallpapers of images of these are good tools to remind us to be vigilant and aware of out inner and outer surroundings so we don't expose ourselves to danger from others or ourselves, or maybe even been a harmful influence on those we want to care about.


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    • Poetry3D profile image

      Tony 12 months ago from Australia

      I love the red headed woman, There is some great work here