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Gothic Cemetery Art and Architecture

Updated on August 21, 2015

Gothic Graveyard Architecture

It seems the nature of cemeteries or graveyards in general are that they have a Gothic look and feel to them, although in the case of some we'll look at in this article, it appears they were influenced more by the Gothic revival, and gravitate toward that design more than the usual cemetery will.

While Goth is a lifestyle, and Gothic is considered an architectural style, the two often merge because those choosing the lifestyle of a Goth tend to like to hang out at cemeteries, especially when deciding to have some photos taken.

So we'll take a look at the merger of some Goth people with Gothic cemeteries, which does create a very compelling image.

Some people enjoy Gothic cemetery art, and so a look at a digital interpretation of a cemetery, including a zombie to spice things up will also be part of our little journey into the how cemeteries with Gothic architecture and features look.

Gothic Mausoleums and Headstones

Another interesting aspect of Gothic cemeteries is the inclusion of mausoleums - along with headstones - in a variety of shapes and sizes, which add to the overall Gothic ambience of certain graveyards.

If all the headstones were uniform, it doesn't have the feeling of being Gothic, as the varieties of heights and shapes are what make a Gothic cemetery what it is. It's also what makes them interesting to view in my opinion.

Let's take a look now at a few Gothic cemetery photos.

Gothic Mausoleum

We'll start off with this fantastic Gothic mausoleum. It doesn't get much more Gothic looking than this, with the sharp points, steep lines, and the variety of detail which makes this such a compelling piece of art.

It indeed gives you the feel of entering a sacred place, which in fact most people believe they are. Nice Gothic architecture.

Gothic Cemetery

It isn't that often when you can capture the entirety of a part of a cemetery and its headstones and have it be entirely Gothic, as it is in the photo below. The shape of the headstones, Celtic crosses, and enclosed gated or fenced area create a great image.

Digital Gothic Cemetery

I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at how a modern digital artist imagines a Gothic cemetery, and it's not surprising to see a zombie as part of the graveyard scene, as that's a very popular character in pop culture at this time.

The Gothic windows and entries are caught nicely, and that gargoyle on top boosts that ominous feeling, as the zombie wasn't exactly too terrifying looking to me. Fun piece of Gothic art though.


Goths in Gothic Graveyard

The next couple of Gothic graveyard photos will include Goths posing in the cemeteries. As mentioned above, a lot of people embracing a Goth lifestyle enjoy using the cemetery as a prop and environment for their photo shoots.

I like the choice below of where the photos were taken, as the headstones definitely blend nicely with the choice of Gothic clothing chosen by the two. Being a fan of hats, I really like the one on the guy to the left.

Gothic Women in Gothic Cemetery Scene

This is a very cool photo of the two young Goth women in the cemetery. I think, because of the snow, it would have been more effective when it was darker out. Still, a good shot.

One thing I know for sure, they had to have hidden how cold they were in those light outfits. Standing next to the tall headstone with the creeping vines looks great.


Gothic cemetery with Gothic Metal Song

Great Gothic Graveyard Photo

In this final Gothic graveyard photo, you have a little bit of everything represented. Even that creepy looking tree in the background is perfect for the scene. The variety of headstones, along with the shape and detail of the windows and other architecture make this a great Gothic design. I really like it.

It generally gives you a feel for what Gothic graveyards and architecture entail.


Compelling Gothic Architecture

I'm a fan of Goth lifestyles and Gothic architecture, and when you can combine the two, they're fantastic, as you can see here.

It seems the popularity of both has soared in response to the numerous vampire, werewolf, and zombie types of shows out there, as the Goth wardrobe and Gothic architecture are a big part of that resurgence.

The amazing look of both seems to have made an indelible and lasting impact on pop culture, and seems like it'll be here to stay for some time.

Of course in the case of Gothic cemeteries, they'll be here long past when all of us reading this are gone. Hey, maybe some of us will take up permanent residence there!


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