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Great gifts for a artists or creative people

Updated on March 2, 2014

Find great gifts for creative people

Creative people and artists are actually really easy to buy gifts for, because they allways need new supplies and they use up their current supplies all the time. They allways need something and a big plus is that there's so many great products out there so there's so much to choose from.

And a new product or craft supply can really boost their creativite, there's nothing like the feeling of drawing with a new pen in your hand!

But if you'r not intrested in these sort of things yourself and have no clue on what to buy it's not allways so easy. That's why I made this page, to help you find some great gifts for all those creative friends and family out there. And hopefully there's something new for you arts and crafts geeks to put on your wishlist! So let's begin.

Above picture from Poetic and Chic. Link here

Super Sculpey - A sculptor's dream

This is my personal favorite, this clay is just amazing. Super sculpey is used by both professionals and beginners. It's very easy to use so it's perfect for someone who hasn't tried working with clay and sculpting before, the clay dosen't dry up and is baked in a regular owen for just a few minutes and after that it gets really hard.

This clay is also used by professionals and the clay have no limit, you can sculpt anything in it. Just google super sculpey and you'll find some insane examples that people have done.

I would suggest to get the standard super sculpey that have a pink/skin color to it or the super sculpey firm that have a gray color to it, the diffrence is that firm is much firmer and thicker then the othere clay. My favorite is the regular Sculpey Super because it's abit easier to use and have this nice skin color to it and it's cheaper :P

A sculpture made in Super Sculpey Firm

Here's a very basic sculpture I made in super sculpey firm a few years ago. I have painted it with acrylic paint and gave it a little plastic flower on his head. I can be a good idea to use foil in the middle of your sculptures and squeeze the foil into a hard core of the sculpture, this way less clay is used and that's great because the Super Sculpey clay is a bit expensive.

Promarkers - Markers from heaven

Promarkers are some great coloring pencils for two reasons, they're awesome to draw with and they last for a really long time, so you don't have to go buy new markers all the time.

It's hard to come by good pens that aren't super expensive but these pens doesn't cost a fortune and of top quality.

Also if the person often draw and color they will notice the difference with these markers from regular markers, perfect gift for the marker geek that love coloring.

The Pro markers come in many colors and are sold in packs of 3,5 or more, I have included some nice basic sets below, you can click on the links to find out more or to look at other promarkers packs with other colors.

Shrink Plastic/Film - Perfect for making jewelry or any other crafting project

Shrink plastic is basically a thin ark of plastic that you draw on, looks like a piece of paper. And then you cut the figure or shape that you just have drawn and then put that into the oven for a short time (2-3 min) and then the plastic will shrink making it a lot smaller but it gains thickness, giving it a plastic feel to the object. This is perfect for making jewelry and earring or any other craft you can think of.

And anyone can do it, If you can draw you can do shrink plastic, it's really that simple to get started with shrink plastic, which makes it also great for kids (not to young though.) and it's a cheap art supply so you don't have to worry about that.

It's important to remember that the shrink plastic will shrink (duh!) And it will shrink a a lot, actually more then 50%, so don't make to small drawings or objects when you get started with this.

Grafix Shrink Film, 8-1/2" x 11" Matte, 50 Sheets
Grafix Shrink Film, 8-1/2" x 11" Matte, 50 Sheets

Doesn't look like a lot of fun but it is! a pack of 50 sheets will last a very long time!


Earrings made with Shrink Platic/Film

Here are some earrings my girlfriend have done in shrinkplastic. I think she used promakers for the coloring of them.

Printer/Scanner - A must have for an artist

This gift idea is a bit expensive but the possibilities of a printer or a scanner is just endless when it comes to arts and craft! Scanning in your drawings into the computer and then printing them out on a t-shirt for example is a great way of making your own unique clothes.

There's also possible to print on a special shrink plastic paper and mass produce earrings for example, then you can just draw whatever you want on the computer or print a photo that you like onto a ark of shrink plastic. (Don't use regular shrink plastic in your printer, you need inkjet shrink plastic that is made for printing, otherwise you may jam your printer and destroy it.)

There's some cheap printer/scanner combos out there that's really great. And have a "all-in-one" printer saves both money and space. I included some of the top selling printers/scanners of, click on the link to get to and read more about them and find some reviews.

Their own website - A huge step into becoming a professional artist

This is a unique and highly appreciated gift for a artist that want to take it to the next level and becoming more professional as an artist or for people who want to show their art and crafts on the internet.

Having their own website is much better then uploading their art to some community/blog or image upload site, if they have their own website they have full control over their picture and layout of the site and that's really important if you want to be seen as a serious artist online.

So you might think: isn't making a website hard? No not really, it dosen't have to be harder then making a squidoo page. When I made my website I installed wordpress on it, WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool that makes making a website so easy.

But you don't have to go all the way and make them a whole website, just giving them a domain and/or hosting is a great gift and a great way of pushing them into the right direction. I would get something like or

I myself use the web hosting and domain company called Godaddy. They're a good and solid web hosting company and they're really cheap.

Pretty Panther
Pretty Panther

Pretty Panther - Unleash your Creativity!

If you like art and crafts then you should check out the site PrettyPanther. It's a site filled with amazing guides and tutorials that teaches you how to make fun and creative stuff like art and crafts. Perfect for new beginners to art and also great for artists who want some nice inspiration. They also got a art store where you can buy cute, funny, amazing, beautiful and awesome stuff. Check it out, you won't be disappointed, just follow the link.

PrettyPanther Art & Craft Guides and Art Store

Got any gift ideas yourself? Feel free to share them with us!

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Some great suggestions.

    • Stickypony LM profile imageAUTHOR

      Stickypony LM 

      6 years ago

      @RosaMorelli: thanks! :) You should give it a go! Sculpting is the best! I'm sculpting all the time, even now :D

    • RosaMorelli profile image


      6 years ago

      Love these ideas - the sculpture you made is really cool, I'd love to try my hand at sculpting :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love the personal touches throughout this article. You did a wonderful job of speaking from experience. Best of luck to you!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Good ideas. Your Sculpey sculpture is a good example.


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