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Art Education - Resources for Artists

Updated on November 18, 2014
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Katherine is a well known art blogger who has been writing extensively on art on 'Making A Mark' for the last 10 years.


A useful reference for various 'resources for artists' sites

Would you like to learn more about how to create Art? Not sure what to do, where to go or which book to buy? Would you like some suggestions?

The resources listed below enable artists to work out how they would like to pursue their art education:

  • whether in a formal environment - such as an art school;
  • or by visiting leading art galleries and museums
  • or at home with a good art instruction book
  • or in an art group, art society or an art colony environment
  • or through guidance on "How to"
  • or in a workshop, course or art holiday providing instruction

Use this site as a bookmark!

Learn about Art

People learn in lots of different ways.

  • Some like to go down the formal route of school, college and university - others prefer to do it all on their own
  • Some like to read books - while others find experience and practice which comes from doing is the best way to learn
  • Some like "how to" articles with steps and stages - while others like to read around all relevant articles and websites
  • Some start early - while others come to learning about art late in life

I've always been interested in education and how people learn. My first degree is in Education and a lot of what I do now involves curating and sharing information so that others can learn.

Mostly, my sites are about making a record of my own education and learning about art - based on the notion that it's always good to share!

When I retired, I decided that I wanted to fill in the gaps of my knowledge about art. Plus I wanted to learn a lot more about specific artists and art history generally.

What you'll find below is just a taster of what I've produced. I hope you enjoy taking a look - and maybe you'll learn something!

A small part of my bookshelves devoted to art
A small part of my bookshelves devoted to art | Source

Guidance on "How to"

Here are some sites which will help you address some of the basics which artists often struggle with - particularly those for whom writing is more difficult than painting

Top Art Galleries and Museums

Looking at art is one of the very best ways of learning - and going to art galleries and museums is an excellent way of seeing art "up close and personal"

If you can't get to a gallery have you tried looking at art on the gallery websites?

Here are some links to some of the very best art galleries and museums in the world

Art Schools

I get lots of people contacting me to ask about art education in the UK - and I've created this site specially for them

Art Instruction Books - The Basics

Some people prefer to read a book to going to class. Sometimes going to class is not an option and reading a book is the only way you're going to learn more about how to create art and what art is all about.

These books deal with some of the very basic aspects of art

Art Bookshops

Of course we can always order art books online - and there are several sites reference here which show you a curated collection of the best books about art

However where do you go if you want to see a book before you buy?

Art Instruction Books - Genre

A genre is a particular type or kind of art - these books are for people interested in one particular type of art

A Retired Art Teacher Tells All

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by 9 customer reviews on

"A Retired Art Teacher Tells All is an educational guide and workbook with detailed tips for running a successful art classroom. It is a step-by-step lesson for teachers, with comprehensive instruction and thought-provoking questions intended for reader response"

Art Colonies and Art Forums

Some artists like to work on their own, while others like to form groups. Besides Art Societies, there are also art colonies - which can be found across the world - and art forums - which are typically found online

Art Holidays, Workshops and Courses

If you've ever thought about taking an art holiday - or maybe providing one - then this is the site for you

Comments and Suggestions - Let me know what you think - but please do not spam

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      great lenses! I've written a few lenses that i think could contribute more helpful info. If you get a chance please take a look and consider them!


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