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Beading and Jewelry Help Directory

Updated on January 2, 2011

Find Information and Inspiration from Beaders and Jewelry Makers!

Discover the Joy of Beading!


Beads and Jewelry is a collection of pages for everyone who loves beads, beading and handmade jewelry. You can find everything you need to know about creating jewelry, accessories, decorations - and more - with beads.  You can also see a great selection of bead and jewelry products, learn how to market your handmade business, and learn about other artists in your favorite medium.

Beading Techniques

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Beading Magazines - What's Your Favorite?

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Beadwork publishes beautiful projects in all types of beadwork on- and off-loom beadwork, wirework, bead knitting and crochet presented with easy-to-follow directions and crystal-clear photography. Beadwork magazine is quite simply the whole world of beading at your fingertips.

Bead & Button
Bead & Button

Provides information on making beaded accessories without special skills. Provides full-color, step-by-step photos and directions.


Please read this before submitting your lenses!

Our Topics:

Lenses about beading, bead making and wearable arts are welcome. The main focus of Beads and Jewels is sharing ideas and inspriation for beadwork and jewelry making.

We want to get the word out that original, handmade, beaded crafts are the best you can find!

We also have a place for artists who sell their work, jewelry and beading reviews, and people who just plain love baubles and shinies.

Our Guidelines:

Our purpose is to teach, inspire and share. To ensure that our group contains lenses of the highest quality, we do have some standards that we wish to maintain.

Here are some of the things we look for:

1) Lenses should contain at least two original written content modules that are related to our topic. (Not including the introduction, product reviews or Wikipedia modules.)

2) Lensmasters should have a detailed profile with Contact Me enabled. Remember that no one can view your email address directly.

To learn more about joining groups on Squidoo, visit Squid Etiquette For tips and ideas on making interesting and successful lenses, visit some of the recommended help lenses in the sidebar.

Lenses approved for Beads and Jewels are reviewed and rated. Those lenses with specific topics or themes will also be featured in appropriate categories. To be featured, please make sure that you have a picture in the introduction module.

Don't forget to check out some group lenses and join in the Group Discussion!

If the groupmaster likes it, he or she will add it to the featured lenses lists above.

Want to join this group? Post your lens below.

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