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Hand Painting Flowers & Fairies on Garden Rocks

Updated on January 22, 2017

Hand-Painted Rocks - Painting on Rocks is a Fun Summertime (or Anytime) Craft for All Ages

Did you ever want to try painting on rocks?  I'm here to help!  Rocks make an excellent painting canvas for a number of reasons.

First of all, many times they are free which, in my book, free is always nice. I'll explain more about where to find rocks in the next section.  

Secondly, they are extremely forgiving of mistakes.  Meaning, if you don't like what you paint you can start over again with no problem at all.  

Just paint over your mistakes and try and try again until you get it to your liking!  A relaxing hobby and if you need a creative outlet, painting can be a great stress reliever as well. 

It's a fun craft for kids too, they love it.  I painted my first rock when I was a child and really liked it.  I have since turned it into a business on Ebay which gives me a way to share my creations with others.

The rock scene pictured below displays irises, tulips, daffodils, impatiens, crocuses, pansies, and irises.   It is a custom piece I did recently.

So...  are you ready?  Let's go have some fun hand painting some beautiful flowers, fairies, or animals onto some rocks!

Hand-Painted Fairy & Friends Parade in a Meadow Garden Rock
Hand-Painted Fairy & Friends Parade in a Meadow Garden Rock

How to Paint a Basket of Yellow Roses

Make things easier with stencils!

Sometimes I like to use a stencil to start which can make things MUCH easier. It just gives you a guideline and you can paint from there.

To follow the stencil method:

1. Purchase a flower stencil of your choice at a store like Michael's or A.C. Moore, or even online. There are many to choose from.

2. Paint the whole rock black on all sides

3. Paint the bottom half in gold metallic acrylic paint to look like the shape of a basket.

4. Take your stencil and following the directions on the stencil video (below), stencil your flower design using white acrylic paint over the top black portion of the rock.

5. After the white paint dries, just color in the flowers and leaves (the leaves in this photo are already completed with the second step of adding green paint after the white dried) with Deco paint pens of your color choice or using acrylic paints from a little bottle with a stencil brush (again, using the stencil video below as a guideline).

6. Decorate the basket (you can use a basket stencil with random lines using a brown Deco paint pen. Deco paint pens work so well to give you extra control and accuracy with lines.

7. And there you have it - you have just painted your rock and I bet it's gorgeous! Congratulations, I knew you could do it!

A Fairy Wedding - SOLD

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A Fairy Wedding in The Meadow
A Fairy Wedding in The Meadow
A Fairy Wedding in The Meadow

Where Can I Find Rocks to Paint on?

Size, Shape, and Thickness

Rocks are everywhere! Just take a walk along side a river or stream or pond. You can find them where there is new construction. A lot of times they can be found on most greenbelts that run behind neighborhoods.

In addition, they can also be purchased relatively inexpensively. Most towns have a stone center where stone and slate and rocks are sold in large quantities, usually by the ton.

These stone centers (like the one near me) usually have a misfit pile of pieces of rock or slate that they can't sell for various reasons at the regular price, usually because they are just broken. The place near me charges a discounted rate for these pieces. Sometimes I can get seven or eight fairly large pieces to paint on for only five or six dollars. Just ask if they give discounts on the broken pieces, they are usually happy to get rid of them.

Forget Me Nots Flower Basket Garden Rock

How my Basket of Forget-Me-Nots Turned Out
How my Basket of Forget-Me-Nots Turned Out

Supply List - Forget Me Not Flower Rock

1. Medium size rock, rounded on top and preferably able to stand up on its own, if not you can buy a picture stand to display it on.

2. Forget-Me-Not flower stencil

3. Stencil brushes - at least 3 brushes 1/2" in diameter, 1 each for white (initial stenciling of flower), blue (to stencil over the flower after the initial white paint dries), and green (to paint over for the leaves after the initial white paint dries).

4. Foam paint brushes - at least 2 to paint the black and gold onto the top and bottom half of the rock.

5. Liner brush - to paint brown lines on basket. You can also use Deco Paint Pens for more control, they are fun and easy to use and come in a wide array of colors. I would recommend using "fine" tip for painting the surface of the flowers and "extra fine" for outlining. They are usually available on site at A.C. Moore but not always in all craft stores so it might be easier to purchase them on line if you wanted to go this route.

6. Black acrylic paint - to paint the background.

7. White acrylic paint - to stencil the flowers and leaves in white over the black

How to Use a Stencil to Decorate a Garden Rock - Forget Me Not Flower Rock Directions

1. Purchase a floral stencil from any craft or hobby store like Michaels,A.C.Moore, JoAnn's Fabrics & Crafts (these stores are better to visit in person for a better selection as their on line selection is not the best). The other way is to shop on line at one of the following websites for a huge selection of stencils to pick from. Some of my favorite websites to shop on line from are: Stencil Kingdom,and Stencil Library. and one of my all time favorites Cutting Edge Stencils.

2. Paint the top half of the rock in black paint, or a dark green if you prefer.

3. Paint the bottom half of the rock in gold paint.

4. After the black paint dries, using the video instruction below stencil the small flowers and leaves in white on all sides of the rock to give it the look of a real basket of flowers.

5. After the white flowers and leaves dry, go over them in the same way you did initially by placing the stencil over them but this time stenciling the flowers in blue and the leaves in green.

6. Using a picture of a basket for a guideline and the thin liner brush, paint brown lines onto the bottom half of the basket.

7. You now have the beautiful gift of flowers to give as a gift, or keep for yourself !

So easy, but if you need help, post your question in the comment area and I'll be glad to give you some guidance.

Below is a short video showing how to stencil Forget Me Not flowers (or actually any small flower).

Kids love painting on rocks

Angel Stained Glass Theme Rock

Angel Stained Glass Theme Rock
Angel Stained Glass Theme Rock

How my Basket of Pansies turned out based on the above Tutorial

How my Basket of Pansies turned out based on the above Tutorial
How my Basket of Pansies turned out based on the above Tutorial

Pablo Picasso Quote

"Everything you can imagine is real."- Pablo Picasso

Yellow Rose Fairy Garden Rock by nancymaggielee

This is a wonderful book to give to a child to inspire them to start painting

Lin Wellford is the master rock painter and someone who is not only a very talented artist which is putting it lightly, but a great teacher as well. In this book you will find step by step instructions with beautiful pictures to help your child along in the process of painting rocks.

Painting on Rocks for Kids
Painting on Rocks for Kids

I remember when my son was two years old and a friend of ours gave him a very beautiful large in-depth book about dinosaurs that was far beyond his comprehension at that age, or so we thought. In any case, he LOVED it and went on to learn every long name of every dinosaur in that book and could pronounce them all by the age of three!

He is now 22 years old and I am very proud to say he is graduating college this December and going on to get his Master's Degree in History. My point being is that maybe that dinosaur book given to him as a gift at the tender age of two sparked something in him to love history and learning about the past.

You just never know what it could mean to inspire a child's creative side!


Give it a try, what have you got to lose? A Rock???

Daisies - The Happiest Flower
Daisies - The Happiest Flower

So, do you think you are going to try to paint on a rock???

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The Art of Decoupage in Rock Decoration

Decoupage is a fun method to use in rock painting

Decoupage is a unique method you can also use in decorating and painting any rock. It is the art of cutting out pictures and adhering them to another surface, The art of decoupage takes a lot of patience. I sometimes use decoupage in my art work to give it an extra real look and to give me a guideline to paint on. I always paint and embellish any decoupage cut outs that I use both before and after cutting them out.

To decoupage on a rock you will need paper prints to cut out. One of the places I look for cutouts is Dover Publications. They have what seems to be an endless choice of prints to choose from.

The books that I choose from are the flower series and come with a colorful picture of each flower and a CD so that the images can be printed in all different sizes just by following the instructions on the CD that comes with the book. I am not sure if all of the books come with a CD, but if they do it will be indicated in the product description.

The method I use to download and print is a very easy one and a little less involved than the way they instruct you on the CD that comes with the book. So the process would be as follows:

1. Insert CD into hard drive and wait for pictures to upload.

2. Find the picture you want to print on the computer

3. Right click on the picture you want

4. Select "Copy"

5. Open another window and bring up a blank Word Processing document.

6. Click "Paste" into the word doc.

7. The picture you selected should appear. If you right click on the picture within the word doc itself you should be able to adjust the size of the picture.

I realize this is not the method they tell you to use, but it's less involved than the way the program they give you with the CD. Of course you can learn their way if you want and it might be beneficial for you to do so, but my way is just a quick and simple way and, quite honestly, the only way I use.

Transferring Designs with Saral Transfer Paper

Another easy method you can use to get an outline onto any rock is by using transfer paper that you can buy at most craft stores.

Just paint the surface of your rock with white paint. Print out any image from your computer and place it over the transfer paper and using a pen trace the design onto the rock.

I love this method for use in my stained glass rock art. The picture I got from a stained glass coloring book. You can see a picture of the printed piece below.

Transfer paper comes in all different colors, so you can also paint use this method in reverse. Paint your rock or background black. After the background paint dries, place a piece of white Saral transfer paper on top. Find a design you want to transfer to the piece and place it on top of the transfer paper and trace your design.

Use a white Deco paint pen to fill in the design and wait for it to dry. Then you can use Sharpies to color in the painting over the dried white Deco paint. Easy peasy! If you have questions, contact me at

The penguins painted on these rocks are simplistic yet beautiful!

Bouquet of Flowers Just for You! - This is my first two sided piece, the other side is pictured below...

Bouquet of Flowers Just for You! - This is my first two sided piece, the other side is pictured below...
Bouquet of Flowers Just for You! - This is my first two sided piece, the other side is pictured below...

POPPIES! - this is the painting on the other side of the rock above...

POPPIES! - this is the painting on the other side of the rock above...
POPPIES! - this is the painting on the other side of the rock above...

Rock Painting is Fun!

Have you ever painted a rock?

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Hand-Painted Gerbera Daisies Rock - by nancymaggielee


Rock Painting is a Craft Everyone Can Enjoy

There are so many reasons to paint rocks.

1. They are affordable (ususally they are free).

2. If you make a mistake, it can be easily fixed by washing the rock off and starting over.

3. It's a fun hobby for children and adults alike, and one you can do together and enjoy.

4. The possibilities are endless for what can be painted on a rock. Once you start painting on rocks, you will see them everywhere and start getting ideas as to what can be painted on a rock by it's size and shape.

<< See the best in Painted Rock Ideas here >>

5. You can sell your painted rock creations and make money.

6. Painted rocks make wonderful gifts.

7. Painting on rocks inspires creativity.

So go ahead and try it, what have you got to lose? A rock???

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